Complete Germany Study Visa Process For Pakistani Students

If you have desire to study in Germany. Then, in this one page article you can get complete information about Germany study visa process. This article includes thirteen step process plus lot of additional information. If you want to know about the process to study in Germany. Then start from step 1 and read all the articles till step thirteen.

These steps have complete information about German study visa process, from admission to booking of ticket. I try to make German study visa process as simple as I can for your better understanding. I also share additional useful Information in every step for your help. So, please click on the desired information link and get the detailed information on next page. I hope, after reading these articles, you don’t need to visit any consultant. Because with this information you will be able to apply by your own.

Read this basic summary and then come back to know about step by step process: German visa process, job and monthly expenses details. Many other important articles are not mentioned here, which have answers of important questions. So, must review all the articles on our blog along with this main article.

Step 1:

Please keep in mind that the study visa process for Germany is little bit time consuming. So, first prepare yourself to keep yourself clam and on the track. Before starting the first step, first clear your mind about Why you want to study in Germany? The importance of this question, you will realize when you will go for admission and interview.

The first step from where you need to start is document attestation. That is one of the most important step which is necessary to move forward. Attest all your certificates (Matriculation & Intermediate) and degrees (Bachelors & Masters) from your concern boards. Check bellow all the articles related to step 1,

Step 2:

Now check your eligibility, in which level you can apply in Germany for further studies. Important articles related to this step are mentioned bellow.

Step 3:

If your qualification is intermediate then you need to take admission in foundation course. After getting success in foundation course, you can further take admission in bachelor degree program.

If your qualification is bachelor degree. Then you can take admission directly in masters degree program. Courses with German medium of instructions are totally free in Germany. But the cost of courses in English medium of instructions depends on the different fields. Majority of the fields like engineering and information technology etc with English medium of instructions are also free in German universities.

But some fields like business studies (MBA) is paid in almost all the German universities. So, check the fee procedure of the universities before application. To take admission in courses with English medium of instructions, you need minimum IELTS score 6.0. If you are a self financed student. Then for both medium of instructions, you need blocked account for your living expenses. If you get German Scholarship then you don’t need a blocked account.

Study in Germany with Scholarships:

For Paid studies in Germany:

Step 4:

Find a German University and apply for admission in your desired course. To study in bachelors find foundation course and to study in masters find masters program. After successful admission in German university. You will get an admission or offer letter. Useful links related to this step are mentioned bellow.

Step 5:

If you fulfill all the above requirements and successfully got the admission letter. Then further you need to open a blocked account in German Bank. Please keep in mind, if you have a German scholarship then you don’t need blocked account. It is only necessary for self financed students for their living expenses. All the important links related to blocked account are mentioned bellow. Read one by one to clear all the queries about blocked account.

Step 6:

Along with your blocked account process. Try to prepare all the necessary documents for Visa application, according to the requirements of German Embassy and Visa type. For better preparation of visa file, links of important articles are mentioned bellow.

Step 7:

When you will get confirmation of successful sign up and money transfer in blocked account. Immediately you need to book appointment for document submission and visa interview. Students who belong to Federal Area, Punjab and KPK they need to apply student visa in German Embassy Islamabad. For that, first they need to book embassy appointment. Book your appointment as early as possible. Booking procedure of Islamabad embassy is mentioned bellow.

Students who belong to Sindh and Balochistan. They need to apply student visa in German Consulate Karachi. Now like Islamabad embassy, they also need to book an appointment for German Consulate Karachi.

Step 8:

After successful appointment booking, you need to prepare your documents and interview. Documents preparation is already mentioned in step-6. Prepare all the documents according to embassy requirements. Also prepare a good interview by focusing on all the important points. For better preparation of visa interview, check bellow mentioned links.

Step 9:

Now on they day of appointment, appear in embassy or consulate. Try to go early to save yourself form embarrassment. Submit your visa file, give interview and deposit visa fee.

Step 10:

Sit relaxed at home and wait for visa decision form German Embassy or Karachi Consulate. For visa processing time check bellow mentioned articles.

Step 11:

Congratulation, if you successfully got the German study visa.

  • Don’t break your heart, if your visa refused. Prepare all the documents again in a good way and apply again for next semester with same blocked account and university.
  • Possible Reasons for Rejection of German Student Visa
  • Sample Appeal Letter for Germany Study Visa Refusal

Step 12:

Now book your flight ticket for Germany as early as possible. From Pakistan to Germany the most affordable airline with good service is Qatar Airlines. For all other cheap flights check bellow mentioned article.

Step 13:

Don’t forget to do shopping of basic necessities according to the weather of German city. Where you are going for studies. Best of luck for your future and fly to Germany. Must check bellow articles before taking the flight.

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