How to find German University for Admission

When you decide to study in Germany then first question which comes in mind is about German University. Here we will tell you how you can find a German University for your suitable course. Finding a good  German university according to your scores in previous degrees is a more time consuming and tricky process. Because it a base of your whole process of study in Germany. So, don’t take it non serious.

To find a good German university first you choose a subject or major filed in which you want to study further. then there are three ways to find a German University.

1. Search German Universities Directly on internet:

Its looks funny when we suggest students that search German Universities directly on internet and Apply directly on their websites or web portals. But it is a more affordable and convenience process. It take some time and effort but at the end gives you fruitful results.

When you apply through other sources (which I will explain later) then they charge you fee for there services and sometime gives you nothing at the end expect frustration. Some German universities are affiliated with Uni-assist (explained later about Uni-assist) and request you to submit your documents through them. Uni-assist always charge money for their services and just tell you answer in Yes and No.

But good news for you is that, many German universities accept your documents for admission directly on their web portals and charge no fee. So, try to find these universities and apply there. They will mostly ask to upload your scanned documents on there web portal and tell your directly, whether you are eligible for admission or not. If they accept then they mostly send you acceptance letter immediately and you can continue your next procedure.

Other good thing to contact directly to universities is that you can do conversation directly to university officials. You can share your problems with them and they will help you in a better way. Because they need students and you need to take admission.

2. Apply through Uni-assist:

Uni-assist is a German institution which help you to take admission in a German University according to your desire. Many German universities are affiliated with Uni-assist. So, when you send documents to Uni-assist they will forward your documents to universities. For this procedure they charge  75 Euro for one University and 15 Euro for each additional university within same semester. More information you can get on Uni-assist website.

3. Apply through Daad Pakistan:

Daad is also an institution who provide German scholarships to eligible students. You can find different universities, or other institutions who offer scholarships for needy and eligible students. You can find more information in Daad Pakistan’s website.

Find German university on Daad international university finding portal [click here for link]

End note: According to my experience if you have very good marks in your degrees than you must apply for scholarships through daad Pakistan. If you have less marks then try follow the first method and apply in German universities by your own. If you have more money to spend then try to choose Uni-assist.