How to prepare documents for Admission in German Universities?

How to prepare documents for Admission in German Universities?

Many students ask this question how to prepare documents for admission in German Universities. Most of the students not take this step seriously and send their documents to universities without proper attestation. This can also be the reason of rejection from universities.

That’s why I’m going to tell you the correct method of preparation of your documents. When you want to apply in foreign universities then one thing keep in mind. Foreign universities or foreign institutions only accept those documents which are attested from higher authorities of education and foreign office of your country.

So, in first step attest your matriculation and intermediate certificate from your board like federal board or Lahore board etc. Then attest your both matriculation and intermediate certificate from IBCC (Inter Board Committee of Chairmen, Islamabad).

After that you attest your graduation, masters and other higher degrees from HEC (Higher Education Commission of Pakistan). In last step attest all your degrees matriculation, intermediate, graduation and masters (according to admission requirements) from foreign office Islamabad.

After attestation, if your certificates or degrees are in Urdu Language then also attach English or German language translation (get from authentic translators) with them. You don’t need to attest translation material. Just attach the translation with each degree or certificate in a sequence. If your certificates and degrees are already in English or in both English and Urdu language, then you don’t need any translation.

If you are sending your scanned documents to universities on their web portals even then you need to attest your certificates and degrees and need to attach translations with them. In this case scan both side of degrees, so attestation mark will shown prominently.

If you follow all these instructions then definitely your documents will be accepted. And you will get the admission.

Tip: Please keep in mind one most important thing; don’t send detailed mark sheets to foreign universities, if they will not ask for them. Try to attest original degrees and certificate and send those original degrees and certificates to universities. Because if you have bad marks in some subjects then it can create a bad image in front of university officials.

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