40 Most Asked Questions During German Student Visa Interview

Change answers according to your case, questions will be remain same as it is.

College/University Details:

University Name I basically applied in (Your University Name) which is situated in (City Name) Germany.
Campus Name My campus name is (Campus Name)
Course Name Example: (Master of Business Administration)
Course Duration Example: (18 months)
Course Credit Points Example: 60 (according to your degree)
Course Coordinator (Name, Email, Phone Number of Coordinator)
Course Fee Example: (14,000 Euro or No Fee)
University Address (University Proper Address with Phone Number)
University Website (Website Address)
Why you choose (University Name) Germany?? I choose this University because it has a good education standard and recognized (Degree Name). (University Name) provides the very best facilities including small teacher to student ratios, advanced computer labs, and leading edge technology teaching and learning tools and techniques. With modern teaching methods they also focus on the field visits and experts meetings which can be a best learning experience for me as a (Your Field) student. => You can add more information according to your degree.

(University Name) also offer German Language course with studies. That’s why its good for me.

What you will do after this course? I shall come back to my country after completion of my (Degree Name) and will join any well reputed organization like (related field organizations names) in Pakistan as Manager.

Course Details:

Course Name Example: (Master of Business Administration) (18 Months Program)
When your course starts? Example: (9 May 2016) (Course starting date)
When you course ends? Example: (8 November 2017) (Course ending date)
Course Content
This course has (3 semesters) which include these major subjects,
General Management
Supply Chain Management
Marketing etc
Course Benefits/Advantages Write here all the benefits which you think you can get after completion of your required course.

Example: MBA Degree from (University Name) will improve my managerial and operational skills. It also improve my practical business knowledge in the field, improve my business expertise, it gives me a competitive advantage of specialized skills and leadership qualities, a good career in (Field) industry with a handsome salary package, job security, will improve my Business Connections and Networking, I can also start my own business.

I have a golden opportunity to get a good job in (Company Name where you can expect a good job).

General Details: (all these questions will remain same)

Living Expenses in Germany for one year 670 Euro per month

8,040 Euro per year

Air Fare Expense from Pakistan to Germany 630 Euro

Example: Include: Turkish Airline Ticket (609 Euro) + Metro Train Ticket Expense (21 Euro)

Overseas Health Cover 52 Euro for 6 months

Initially I take insurance from Pakistan

Why choose Germany for study? After detailed research I choose Germany for study, because Germany is the third most popular destination for international students in the world. Almost 12% of students at German universities come from abroad. So, Germany is an attractive place to study and German university degrees are highly respected by employers worldwide and also in our country.

Many international students choose to study there because of the cultural diversity, friendly natives, high quality of education and Global Recognized Degrees.

Germany’s standard of living is amongst the highest in the world. Living expenses and tuition costs are considerably lower in Germany than they are in the United States and United Kingdom that’s why I choose Germany for higher studies.

With which person you contact in (University Name)? Example: (Mrs. Angela Markal)

Who will pay your Fee? I already paid my Full Fee which was (Your Fee) Euros.

Example: I have more than 9,000 Euro’s in my Habib Bank Account. Proof of Bank Statement I attached with my application.

I also have 8,040 Euro’s in German Blocked Account which will be enough for my accommodation charges.

Further where ever I need my well settled Father/Brother/Mother/Uncle/Sister (who supporting you) will financially supports me. (Further there financial detail)

Amount you need (Total Amount You Need fee + accommodation)
What is your Father Business Income? Example: My father is a wealthy person in Pakistan and doing his own business in Pakistan. (further relevant detail)


Money in Bank Example: I have almost (PKR 3.4 Million= 29241.70 Euro) in my bank account. (Any amount which you have in your bank statement)

General Questions:

Pakistan Economic future (We write this according to current situation of Pakistan so you can change it) I am looking a better Economic Future in Pakistan due to good economic policies and stability of the Government.

In next few years Pakistan has a very bright economic future because of China Pakistan economic corridor. It opens new doors of trade for Pakistan and connects china and central Asian countries to Gawader Port, which ultimately connect them to whole world.

So, with good economic future of Pakistan I believe that I also will have a bright future career in Pakistan due to this CPEC.


German Language Level/Score

Example: 6.0

A1,B1 etc

When you did matric? Example: 2004
When you did inter? Example: 2006
When you did graduation? Example: 2012
(If you are doing job some where and it is requirement for your degree. If not required then skip it)

When did you start your job?

Example: I worked in (company name) as a (post) for (duration).
What are you doing now days? Doing job in (company name) as a (post).
How many are you brothers and sisters? Example: We are 3 brothers and 3 sisters.

(They all are married or Non Married)

Father Name Example: Spider man (kidding)
Mother Name Example: Angelina Julie (kidding)
Ticket Expense 609 Euro per person
in Turkish Airline from Islamabad to Berlin.(Write according to your preferred flight)
Did you apply through Consultant or Self? I apply by myself. (Simple Answer) 
How much you paid to your consultant? Nothing. I apply by my own. (Simple Answer) 
Did you receive any assistance in filling forms? No. I fill all the forms by myself. (Simple Answer) 
Have you any relative or friend in Germany? Yes or No (Remember there details)
Who will arrange your accommodation in Germany? My University reserved or will reserved an accommodation for me.

That’s it, these are the main relevant questions which officers mostly asked from every student who go for visa interview. Further they can ask according to documents which you attached extra in your file. You can prepare expected question for that documents.

Prepare proper and accurate answers of these question and be relax during interview. First listen then think and speak.

Hope our information will be helpful for you. If you have any question, then ask in bellow comment section.