Study Medicine, Dentistry or Veterinary in German Universities

You can study medicine, dentistry and veterinary in German universities. But first you need to know some important facts of German medicine study programs.

In Germany there is no bachelors or master studies for human medicine, dentistry and veterinary. German authorities design a single Six Years program for medical studies either you study human medicine, dentistry and veterinary. These six years also include the ”state examination” for students same like in Pakistan, PMDC take test to medical students.

So, now I think its clear for you that you cannot study bachelors of masters in human medicine, dentistry and veterinary. You just need to study Six Years in a single program and at the end you will be a specialized doctor.

Duration and structure of human medicine and dentistry studies in Germany:

As I told you earlier if you want to study human medicine or dentistry it has a single six years program. Both human medicine and dentistry have different structure in Six years program. These six years include basic knowledge of natural sciences, medicine and specialization course. So, you don’t need to worry about specialization after studying six years. Now I will explain structure of both medicine and dentistry differently.

Duration and Structure of human medicine studies in Germany:

Human medicine have total Six years program and have different levels of study and examination tests.

First level based on basic studies and have four semesters, in which you will study natural sciences like physics, chemistry and biology etc. After successful completion of this level you need to pass state examination test.

After passing examination test you will be eligible for next level. In this level you will study the main six semesters of medical. These six semesters include courses of core areas of medicine, lectures, seminars and laboratory work. After successful completion of these semester you will do a 48 weeks training in a hospital. This training called called ”Practical Year” of medicine study. This practical work focus on your specialization subject like internal medicine, surgery or any other subject which you will be choose. After successful completion of six semesters and training pogrom again you need to pass ‘second state examination’.

After successful completion of second state test you will be enter in the final level of your specialization. For specialization in your particular filed like surgery, neurology etc you do some more training. At the end of this final training you need to pass the final specialist examination test which conducted by medical association.

If you pass this final examination test then you are a specialist doctor and can open your own clinic, hospital or work in any other hospital.

officially the duration is Six years and normally students clears all these level in 6 to 7 years.

Duration and Structure of Dentistry medicine studies in Germany:

Duration of Dentistry medicine studies is also same as human medicine but the structure is different. Study in Dentistry have two levels. First level based on five semesters in which you will study natural sciences, medicine and dental materials. After successful completion of this level you need to pass primarily Dentistry examination test.

After passing primarily Dentistry examination test you will enter in second level which include another five semesters. These five semesters include clinical study, lectures, seminars and practical clinic in hospital. After successful completion of this level you need to pass the ‘second dentistry examination test’.

After completion of these 10 semesters and two examination tests you are a dental doctor. But in Dentistry medicine you can further do specialization in specific fields like oral surgery, public health or in orthodontics. You can complete these specialization courses in next three to four years. If you don’t do further specialization its up to you.

Duration and Structure of pharmacy and veterinary studies in Germany:

Duration and structure of pharmacy studies and veterinary studies is same like above. Six years and different level of studies and practical work.

Requirements for study in human medicine, dentistry and veterinary:

Now i’m going to tell you the most important part requirements for study in human medicine, dentistry and veterinary.

After completion of twelve years of education you need pass the university foundation course in Germany. [What is this foundation course, click her to know details]

For eligibility in university foundation course and six years medical courses you need to meet following requirements,

  1. 75% marks in matriculation certificate
  2. 75% marks need in Intermediate certificate
  3. German language proficiency up to B1 level

Language requirements for study in human medicine, dentistry and veterinary:

The most important thing you need to know is that ”No medical courses available in English Language in German Universities”.

So, you need proficiency in German Language. All medical studies in Germany is in German language.

Fee for study in human medicine, dentistry and veterinary in Germany:

As I told that all studies in Germany in German language are free.

There are some universities in Germany who charge tuition fees but these tuition fees are low as compare to other European countries, England, America, Canada and Australia.  This fee is less then 500 Euro per semester.

Some universities only charge semester contribution fee which is mostly less then 200 Euro.

Living Expenses for study in human medicine, dentistry and veterinary in Germany:

Living expense for a student is 720 Euro per month in Germany. [Click Here for Detail OF Monthly Expenses]

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