Study Architecture in Germany

Many international students want to study masters or Bachelors in architecture in German universities. But it is very difficult for them to get right information about architecture studies in Germany specially for masters degree program. German universities are best place for study architecture. German universities offer a wide range of study programs in architecture. I will explain architecture studies for both bachelors and masters separately.

Bachelors study in Germany in Architecture:

You know that study in Germany is free but for free studies you need proper knowledge of German language upto C2 levels. If you want to get admission in Bachelors degree in field of architecture then you first need to take admission in “Foundation Course”.

[To know about University Foundation Course and its requirements Click Here]

After completion of foundation course in architecture you can take further admission in Bachelors degree program in field of architecture. So, if you want to study in bachelors degree in architecture then you try to take admission in foundation course and after passing this course in Germany you will get further information from your foundation course provider institutions. Bachelor programs in Germany are not offered in English language so please don’t waste your time to search about bachelors program in English.

Masters study in Germany in Architecture:

There are many universities in Germany who offer masters degree programs in architecture. Majority of the universities specially Government  universities offer masters study program in German language but there are many private universities who also offer master programs in English language. So, you can take admission in both type pf universities who have German or English language medium of instructions.

As I above mentioned that if you want to study free in Germany in masters of architecture then you need German language certificate upto C2 level. Further if you want to study free in English language medium of instructions then you need to take German scholarship. But if you can afford the fee then you can take admission by paying your fee for masters degree program. Masters in German language is free but in English language is not free. For study masters in architecture in English language you need to pay fees. Fees for master programs in Germany are reasonable and not too much high as compare to other countries like England, America, Canada and Australia. Mostly the fees are between 8000 to 15000 Euro for whole masters. But the best way is to get the German scholarship which is the best option to study masters in architecture in English language and free of cost.

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Requirements for Masters study in Germany in Architecture:

Four years Bachelors degree.

German language certificate upto C2 level for free studies

IELTS upto 6.5 bands for English studies

Scholarship for free studies

Blocked account if you don’t have a scholarship

You need to pay fee if take admission in paid university

Further you can check requirements on bellow mentioned top ten universities websites about architecture.

Universities for Masters study in Germany in Architecture:

Brandenburg University of Technology (BTU) Cottbus – Senftenberg

Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart

RWTH Aachen University

Technical University of Munich

Stuttgart University

Hannover University

Technical University Dortmund

Bauhaus – Weimar University

Wupperthal University

Technical University Dresden

You can find more German universities about study in architecture on daad international’s portal [Click Here For Daad’s Portal]