Study Bachelors in Germany

If you recently passed your twelfth grade and want study further bachelors in Germany. Then first you need to take admission in “Foundation Course” in Germany.

German Universities accept thirteen years of education for Bachelors degree. So, to take admission in German Universities for Bachelors studies, you need to complete thirteen years of education first. German education system already have thirteen years education for university studies. But for foreign students German Higher Education create a new course with the name of “Foundation Course”. After completing this one year course, your education will be thirteen years and you will be eligible to take admission in German Universities.

If you want to study bachelors in Germany in any field like medical, engineering, business, architecture, music or in any other field. Then for all field of students ”Foundation Course” is necessary. First take admission in foundation course, pass it and then take admission in University in your desired field.

Many countries like Pakistan, India, China and Bangladesh have twelve years of education system to take admission in Universities. Students of all the countries with 12 years of foundation education, required to take admission first in foundation course before taking admission in University in Bachelors. All other students who have thirteen years of education system in their countries, they can apply directly in Bachelors in German Universities. But proficiency in German language is necessary in all cases.

Foundation course is also the part of free education system in Germany. So, foundation course is free of cost and have no tuition fees. [For complete information about “Foundation Course” in Germany Click Here] In bellow requirements, point 1, 3, 4 and 5 are related to pre-arrival in Germany. Mean you will complete these requirements in your country. Point 2 ‘foundation course’ is post arrival, mean you will complete this after arrival in Germany. Then after completion of foundation course you will be apply in German university for admission.

Basic Requirements for Bachelors Studies in Germany:

  1. German Language Certificate upto C2 level
  2. Foundation Course Certificate
  3. Matriculation and Intermédiate Certificates
  4. Blocked Account
  5. Other documents as per German Embassy requirements