Study Business in Germany

If you recently done your intermediate or recently pass your twelfth grade and want study further abroad specially in Business. Then Germany is the best option for you because you can study free in Germany Universities. German Universities not have tuition fees but all free studies in Germany are in German Language. So, for free studies in business you simply need to learn German language.

To study bachelors in business administration (BBA) in Germany, you need to learn Germany language upto C2 level and then you need to pass “Foundation Course”. It means that to take admission in Bachelors in Business Administration you need first need to take admission in foundation course because German Universities only accept thirteen years of education. So, for this you need to pass one year foundation course first to take admission in University.

After passing the foundation course, you will be eligible to take admission in German University who offer Business Administration courses. German institutions offer foundation courses in all fields like business, medical, engineering etc. You can choose your desired field in Foundation course. No German university offer free education in English, so don’t waste your time in searching free bachelors studies in Germany.

Now you will ask about “foundation course”, like ‘what is foundation course?’, ‘what are requirements of foundation course?’. To get the answers of all these questions regarding German Foundation Course [Click Here].

Simple tip for those students who want to study bachelors in Germany, please don’t waste your time in searching bachelors courses in German Universities. To take admission in bachelors you need to take admission first in foundation course, so search information about foundation courses. Once you will get admission in foundation course in Germany you will get admission in bachelors easily after completing your foundation course.

Requirements for Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) in Germany:

  • German Language Certificate upto C2 level
  • Foundation Course Certificate
  • Matriculation and Interm√©diate Certificates
  • Blocked Account

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