Study Engineering in Germany – Bsc Engineeing

There are more then two hundred universities in Germany who offer engineering degrees. All engineering universities in Germany offer a variety of engineering courses. You know that German engineering products and German Engineerings are recognized as best in all over the world. It is only because of German Education system, which produces the world’s best and finest engineers.

Second best thing about German engineering universities is that, they don’t have tuition fees. You can study free in all engineering degree or courses in German universities. But German universities only offer free education in German language. It means you need German language skills to study free in German Universities.

Study Bachelors of Engineering (BSc Engineering) in Germany:

If you want to study  Bachelors in engineering or BSc Engineering. Then it is necessary for you to study this degree in German Language. Because no university in Germany offer bachelor program in English language. So, don’t waste your time to search bachelor’s engineering courses in English in Germany.

Further if you want to study in Bachelors of Engineering in Germany, then you need to take admission first in “Foundation Course“. German universities only accept those students, who have thirteen years of previous education. Because most of the countries in world like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Egypt and China have twelve years of foundation education system to take admission in universities. That’s why, for these students German Higher Education design one year “Foundation Course”. So, the rule is simple, if you have 12 years of education till intermediate, then you first need to take admission in Foundation Course. After passing this university foundation course you can take admission in University for Bachelor’s degree program.

Simple tip for students who want to study Bachelors of Engineering in Germany. Please don’t waste your time to search Bachelors of Engineering in Germany. Try to search about “Foundation Course” and take admission in foundation course first. Once you complete foundation course in Germany, then your German Institution will further guide you for admission in Bachelors of Engineering in German Universities.

Requirements for Bachelors of Engineering in Germany:

  • German Language Certificate upto C2 level
  • Foundation Course Certificate
  • Matriculation and Intermediate Certificates (minimum 65% marks)
  • Blocked Account

Duration of Bachelors of Engineering in Germany:

4 years duration for Bachelors of Engineering in Germany.

Tuition Fees for Bachelors of Engineering in Germany:

There is no tuition fees in German Universities for Bachelors degrees.

Living Expenses for Bachelors of Engineering in Germany:

For both Foundation Course and Bachelors of Engineering you need money in Blocked Account for living expenses in Germany. For further details of blocked account [Click Here]. For further information about living expense in Germany [Click Here].

Scholarships for Bachelors of Engineering in Germany:

Because study in Germany is free in German Language, but you need money for living expenses. If you can afford your living expenses then its ok, you just need to open a blocked account and need to deposit money.

But if you can’t afford money for blocked account (means living expenses), then you need to find German Scholarship for both Foundation Course and for Bachelor Engineering programs. [To get information about Masters in Engineering Click Here]

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