German Language Course Levels, Duration and Details

German language (Deutsch language) is the widely speaking language of Europe. It is not only official language of Germany but also official language of Switzerland,  Austria and South Tyrol (Italy). It is the second widely spoken language in Europe after English. German is also a diplomatic language.

If you decide to learn German language then it is a good decision. With German language you cannot only speak this language but also study free in German. Because study in Germany is free in German language not only for local Germans but also for international students.

Here i’m going to share complete information about German language course, its duration and other details.

German language have Six levels from A1 to C2. Details of each level are mentioned bellow,

Levels                                     Courses                                    Duration            

A1                                             A1                                             Lessons = 80 (4 weeks)

A2                                             A2.1                                          Lessons = 80 (4 weeks)

 A2.2                                           Lessons = 80 (4 weeks)

B1                                            B1.1                                           Lessons = 80 (4 weeks)

B1.2                                           Lessons = 80 (4 weeks)

B2                                            B2                                              Lessons = 160 (8 weeks)

C1                                            C1                                              Lessons = 160 (8 weeks)

C2                                            C2                                              Lessons = 20-30 (8 weeks)


You can find complete list of German Language institutions in Pakistan Here. International students find German Language institutions by search on search engines.