What is AMEX Receipt for Germany Embassy?

AEMX receipt for German Visa:

Many people specially students don’t know about anything related to this “AEMX Receipt” and they also don’t know from where they can get this. So, here I’m going to tell you details about this receipt.

When you want to submit your student Visa file to German Embassy Pakistan, then it is necessary for you to attached AMEX receipt with your file. First I will tell you “What are the meanings of this AMEX receipt and why you need this?”.

AMEX is the short abbreviation of “American Express” and it’s a courier service like DHL and Fedex. So, AMEX receipt is the “advance payment receipt” which is required for German Embassy Pakistan for the delivery of your Passport at your home address. In case if German Embassy reject your visa then they need to send you, your passport, your visa file and rejection letter back to your home address. So, they need a courier service for this courier shipment to you.

German Embassy Pakistan use courier services of American Express and send your passport and documents to you with their service. That’s why you need to deposit an advance payment of Rs.500 to American Express courier office and need to get an advance courier receipt form American Express. Then you can attach one copy of that AMEX(American Express) receipt with your visa file.

Now I will tell you the answer of the second question, where you can get this AEMX receipt?

You don’t need to worry about it, every German Embassy in Pakistan have American Express Courier agent inside the Embassy building. So, prepare your complete visa file with all the required documents and on the day of your file submission date in German Embassy, when you will enter in German Embassy they will allot you one computerized number. Before the call form visa officer, American Express Courier agent will call your number or name and ask you for money Rs.500*, took your signature and will give you the AEMX receipt. Then keep one copy for your record and attach other copy with your visa file.

Please keep in mind that only American Express Courier Service agent which are inside the German Embassy are authorized to give you this AEMX receipt, So, don’t take it from any other courier office.