German Embassy Islamabad and German Consulate Karachi visa processing time

That is the most frequently asked question by students who submitted their visa file in German embassy Islamabad or in German consulate Karachi. Normally, students who submit their file in Islamabad embassy. They ask this question more as compare to Karachi consulate applicants. Why?

Because, German Embassy Islamabad take too much time to give response to visa awaiting applicants. And Karachi consulate give response within few weeks. Usually German Student visa procedure is very tough with Islamabad embassy as compare to German consulate Karachi.

The normal visa processing time for both German Embassy Islamabad and German Consulate Karachi is between 5 to 10 weeks. So, keep this time in your mind and apply for visa 5 to 10 weeks before your semester starts. That is the normal time which German embassy mentioned on their website. But in real situations, sometimes they took more time.

Here in Germany I asked from so many students who got visa from German consulate Karachi that how was their experience with Karachi consulate? Majority said that their experience was good and they got visa response in just 15 to 20 days. And majority of the students who applied in Islamabad Embassy they had a very bad experience due to late response.

Many students who applied in German Embassy Islamabad for student visa, missed their current semester and this thing create a great trouble for them. So, I’m again advice you that, apply as soon as possible to avoid this situation.

If you are applying in Karachi consulate then you don’t need to take too much tension. But for students who applied or going to apply in German Embassy Islamabad remain cool and clam, and just wait for the response. One good thing is that when Islamabad Embassy took too much time, they will definitely issue student visa. More late response lead to 100 percent chance of getting Student Visa. (It’s my personal assumption because all the students who got late response. They got student visa at the end.)