What International Students Pack in Luggage When They Leave for Germany – Luggage Recommendation

As like other European countries, weather in Germany is extreme in Winter and moderate in Summer. In winter normal day time temperature remains between 2 degree to 6 degree centigrade and extreme weather goes down up to -10 to -15 degree centigrade. So, you can imagine that winter in Germany is very cold and this temperature vary according to location of the cities. Some are less cold and some are extremely cold. Some cities like Berlin always face snowfall so temperature goes down to negative.

Summer in Germany is not very hot as compare to Asian countries. Mostly in Summer Germany have very moderate temperature. In summer normal day time temperature remains between 20 degree to 25 degree centigrade. You can even don’t need fan in summer in Germany. Summer temperature also vary according to the location of the cities but temperature not goes up beyond 30 degree centigrade.

Here is the detail of Germany’s weather from January to December.


Average High                    Average Low                    Average Rainfall

3º                                        -2º                                          4.3 cm


Average High                    Average Low                    Average Rainfall

5º                                        -1º                                          3.7 cm


Average High                    Average Low                    Average Rainfall

9º                                        -1º                                          3.7 cm


Average High                    Average Low                    Average Rainfall

15º                                        5º                                          3 cm


Average High                    Average Low                    Average Rainfall

20º                                        9º                                          5.3 cm


Average High                    Average Low                    Average Rainfall

22º                                        12º                                        6.3 cm


Average High                    Average Low                    Average Rainfall

25º                                        15º                                         8.1 cm


Average High                    Average Low                    Average Rainfall

24º                                        14º                                        6.5 cm


Average High                    Average Low                    Average Rainfall

20º                                        11º                                        4.5 cm


Average High                    Average Low                    Average Rainfall

14º                                        6º                                          3.7 cm


Average High                    Average Low                    Average Rainfall

8º                                        2º                                            4.2 cm


Average High                    Average Low                    Average Rainfall

4º                                        -1º                                          4.7 cm


Clothing Required for Students:

If you are coming in Germany in Summer then you need light weight cloths which you can use in normal weather. But in summer some times temperature goes down up to 10 degree due to rainfall, So keep one or two light weight jacket or hoodie with you.

If you are coming in winter then keep in mind that winter in Germany is always extreme and with snowfall. So, you need medium to heavy weight cloths. Heavy weight cloths for outside and medium weight cloths for inside. Because when you will go to outside then you will face extreme cold and when you will come inside then you need medium weight cloths due to heating systems. That’s why always remain a combination of medium and heavy weight cloths for winter.

Suggestion: One important suggestion for you is that summer and winter cloths are not very expensive in Germany. You can easily buy normal brand’s cloths in Germany with a reasonable price and according to the latest fashion. So, if cloths are cheap in your country then buy from your own country and if cloths are expensive in your country then you can buy your necessary cloths in Germany. My suggestion is for you is that you just buy some necessary cloths from your country and after your arrival in Germany you can buy remaining cloths and shoes here. You can buy a t-shirt between 2-5 Euro, jeans 7-10 Euro, Jackets 10-20 Euro, shirt 5-10 Euro and Shoes between 10-30 Euros. When you arrive in Germany then find Pri-Mark or Kick in your nearest market. These two are famous and reasonable brands in Germany and very famous in young generation, specially in students.