Study MBA in English in Germany

Are you recently completed your graduation and want to study in Germany. But it is difficult for you to learn German language. You don’t need to worry about German language. Because, here I am  going to tell you about the German Universities who offer MBA in English.

Before telling you about the details of these universities, first I want to tell you few things about the fee structure and other requirements. Each university have their criteria of admission, own fee structure and other requirements.

As you already know that study in Germany in German language is free, but all the universities who offer degrees and courses in English language, they charge a little fee. If you don’t know about this then search or website for related article. If I talk about German Universities Fee structure, then it’s not very high as compare to other countries like England, Canada, America or Australia. MBA is very expensive in these countries but in Germany its least expensive.

Because these universities offer MBA in English language that’s why it is necessary for you to have your previous studies in English medium of instructions. Or, you need IELTS band score minimum 6.5. Because these universities are private to if you have 6 band in IELTS, even then you can get admission in these universities.

Last thing about the entry test, some universities take entry test before giving the admission and some just check your graduation GPA score for admission. Each university have their own criteria.

First German University for MBA in English is “Dresden International University“. Dresden International University or DIU offer MBA degree in English language. Currently DIU only offering MBA in the field of Logistics Management. More then 1600 international students are currently studying in this university. This university located in Dresden city which is the capital city of Saxony state of Eastern Germany. The fee structure of this university is very flexible and affordable. DIU also give you opportunity to pay your Fee in installments. Further details you can check on your website. Currently many Pakistani, Indian, Bangladeshi and Chinese students are studying MBA ‘Logistics Management’ in DIU. [⇑]

Admission requirements for MBA in Logistics Management in Dresden International University:

  • Bachelor’s Degree (4 years) preferably in Economics or Business Administration
  • 2 years of work experience in the fields of Logistics, Production, Sales, Controlling or IT
  • IELTS 6.5 or Proof of previous studies in English

Second German University for MBA in English is “Euro-FH University of Applied Sciences“. This university is also located in Dresden city. The good thing about this university is that, they offer MBA in multiple fields like general MBA, MBA marketing, MBA in change management, MBA in taxation, MBA in accounting and MBA in finance. Further details and requirements you can get on the website of this university. [⇑]

Admission requirements of MBA in Euro-Fh University of Applied Sciences:

  • Bachelors Degree
  • 2 years Work experience
  • GMAT test
  • IELTS 6.5 or TOEFL 550 points
  • Two letters of recommendation

According to my recommendation Dresden International university is good for MBA. Because of their admission requirements and easy fee structure. If you have any question then comment bellow.