HEC Announced 10,000 PhD Scholarships for USA under US-Pakistan Knowledge Corridor

Higher education commission of Pakistan (HEC) announced 10,000 PhD scholarships for USA under US-Pakistan Knowledge Corridor agreement. During the visit of Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Shareef to America, US President Barak Obama agreed to make a Knowledge Corridor with Pakistan. In which USA help Pakistan to strengthening Pakistani University system by jointly increasing Pakistani university faculty. This faculty will obtain their PhD in US universities.

So, recetly under this knowledge corridor HEC announced 10,000 scholarships. In first phase of this program, 1500 scholarships will be financed through Public Sector Development Program. So, it is golden chance for you to get this scholarship.


Arts and Humanities, Water Resources and Energy, Design and Media, Social Sciences, Physical Sciences, Business Sciences, Veterinary Sciences, Agriculture and Food security, Engineering, Technology, Emerging Technology, Nano-Technology, Computers, Medical & Allied Health Sciences, Bio-Technology, Telecommunications, Human made Materials, Robotics and Microelectronics.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Must be Pakistani citizen
  • Have MS, M Phil or equivalent degree (18 years of formal education)
  • Have a maximum age of 40 for regular faculty members. Researchers of public sector universities/research and development organizations are subject to NOC issuance. For all others maximum age must be 35 at the time of closing date of application submission.
  • Have an active commitment to serve the universities/R&D organizations in Pakistan after the successful completion of studies under the scheme.
  • Individuals who already availing any other HEC scholarship are also eligible for this scholarship program but subject to approval by Steering Committee.
  • Valid GRE/GMAT/GRE certificate and TOEFL  required

For further and latest details visit the HEC website. If you have any question then ask in bellow comment section.