How to Get HEC Overseas Scholarships for Phd

Higher education commission of Pakistan or HEC offer every year overseas scholarships for PhD students. Mostly HEC offer PhD scholarships with joint corporation with Daad and other different countries related institutions. HEC also offer many overseas PhD scholarships in which Government of Pakistan funded the students.

For overseas PhD scholarships, the most important questions are “how we can apply or how we can get overseas scholarship for PhD”. So, here I will explain for you the answers of these questions.

To get the overseas scholarships for PhD, you need to visit regularly the website of HEC, or you need to visit the Information desk of HEC office Islamabad. Because HEC always announce for overseas scholarships for PhD on their website. HEC not give any advertisement in the news papers regarding the overseas scholarships. Mostly professors of all Government Universities also have knowledge, when HEC announced the PhD overseas scholarships. Because HEC send a notification to all Government Universities, so the professors can get a chance to do PhD on overseas scholarship based programs. So, it also a good thing to keep in touch with any Government university professors and get the information about HEC overseas scholarships from them. So, if you don’t have any contact with Government university professor then visit HEC office or regularly visit HEC web portal. Here is the link of HEC scholarship portal.

Second, where ever you find the overseas PhD scholarships information, you must visit the HEC scholarships web portal. Where, on the left side, they also mention the method, how you can apply for scholarships. They also mention eligibility criteria, application procedure and requirements there. So, it is easy to check there and apply. Here I’m going to share a simple method how to apply for HEC overseas PhD scholarships.

  • Go to HEC website and check scholarships tab
  • Check the overseas scholarships and there eligibility criteria
  • Download the Application Form
  • Fill the form and attached the bellow mention documents

Note: Different scholarships have different requirements of documents. Here I just share the general documents which mostly required for HEC overseas PhD scholarships.

Required Documents:

Mostly you need to submit the two sets, so here I mention the both set-1 and set-2.

Application Set-1:

  • Filled Application form
  • Foreign University acceptance letter
  • CV of proposed foreign supervisor
  • BASR/DASR approval showing approved PhD research topic and synopsis
  • PhD thesis synopsis (complete)
  • Local PhD supervisor recommendation letter
  • CV of local PhD supervisor
  • NOC from concerned HEC officer (if already availing any other HEC scholarship)
  • NOC from department/organization (if employed/or study leave)
  • CV of applicant
  • Copy of passport
  • Copies of academic documents including PhD coursework transcript showing credit hours and grades obtained in each course.
  • Copy of GRE result certificate/card from ETS/NTS

Application Set-2:

  • Filled Application form
  • Foreign university acceptance letter
  • CV of proposed foreign supervisor
  • PhD thesis synopsis (complete)
  • BASR/DASR approval showing approved PhD research topic and synopsis
  • Copy of GRE result certificate/card from ETS / NTS

Please keep in mind that if you are apply for HEC and DAAD scholarships then you don’t need Foreign university acceptance letter. Mostly in HEC and DAAD scholarships Daad provide you the Foreign supervisor and acceptance letter. If you are applying by yourself for scholarship not on the behalf of Daad then you need Foreign university acceptance letter.

Last but not least, the most important thing is about GRE test or ETS/NTS test. Before applying for any foreign scholarship you need to pass these tests with high score. Because certificate of GRE test or ETS/NTS test in required to apply for scholarship. Sometimes HEC by itself offer NTS or GRE test with scholarships, then you can gives your entry test according to HEC rules.

I collect all this information from HEC web portal and from some overseas PhD students and share with you. Any error or misinformation can be happen, so also must visit the HEC website.

If you still have any question then comment bellow.