Al Khair University AJK Banned by HEC

Most controversial Al-Khair University AJK banned by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. Al Khair University AJK established in 1994 in Azad Jummu and Kashmir. Then in 2011 HEC allow Al Khair University for students admissions. This university try to provide the educational services to students but all these educational services was very poor. That’s why university receives many notifications from HEC regarding poor quality of educational services. Finally HEC decided to ban this university and all its campuses.

HEC also ban all the affiliated colleges with Al Khair University AJK. HEC warn all the respected parents and students not to take admission in this university. Because HEC banned admissions in Al Khair University AJK at all levels including Batchelors and Masters from batch fall 2016, MS, MPhil and PhD batch from fall 2014.

HEC also banned the attestation of transcripts and degrees of this Al Khair University. So, all the students who have Al Khair University degrees keep in mind that now they don’t have any worth. Because HEC didn’t explain anything about all the previous degree holders, weather their degrees are now recognizable or not.

Al Khair University faced this problem, because their reputation in the market is very bad, due to poor educational standard and easy availability of degrees with money. Hope so, Al Khair University and HEC will resolve this issue in future, because future of many students is on stake due to this ban.

It is also necessary for HEC to make some strict laws for new universities and restrict to open universities with limited facilities in small markets. Because, people who make these type of cheap level universities, just play with the future of innocent students just in sake of money.