Study Visa Types for Germany

Germany is the best place for studies due to their quality education, low cast studies, research infrastructure, teaching methodology and career perspective. Many students dream to study in German Universities because of their high education standard and diverse environment.

If you are a citizen of European Union countries, then you have a golden opportunity to study in German Universities without any visa. But if you are a non European Union citizen, then you need study visa to enter in Germany.

For Germany you can apply in three types of study visa’s. Here I will explain all three types of study visa’s for Germany one by one.

1.German Language Course Visa:

This visa category is perfect for those who want to study German Language in German environment

2.Student Applicant Visa:

This visa category is good for those who desire to study in Germany, but they are still trying to find German University for admission. So, you can go Germany for 3 months with this Visa category. Then you can find desired University for admission and extend your visa according to course or degree duration.

3.Student Visa:

This visa category is for those, who already find and took admission in German University and have acceptance letter.

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