How to Apply in German University for Admission through Uni-assist?

Many students face problem, when they try to apply in German Universities for admission through Uni-assist. It looks like an two step easy process but in reality it’s a difficult procedure.

Uni-assist is a consultancy organization which help students to apply admission in German universities. Because majority of the German universities are associated with this organization. That’s why it is little bit easy for students to apply in German universities for admission with Uni-assist.

You also need to know that Uni-assist never provide these admission services free of cost. Uni-assist charge a certain amount of money according to the number of universities in which Uni-assist will send your documents according to your choice. Further I will explain the charges of Uni-assist in detail.

One most important thing keep in mind that, Uni-assist don’t have any influence on the acceptance of your admission application in German Universities. So, don’t force them for admission in German University. They only forward your documents to University, if you are eligible to apply. Every German University have their own admission criteria, so eligibility also depends on university rules.

When you send your documents to Uni-assist, they will check your documents first, weather you are eligible to apply in German university or not. After evaluation of your documents, if you are eligible, then they will send your documents to German University for admission. If your are not eligible, then they will instantly refuse your application. But, the sad thing is that they charge a fee for document evaluation also.

So, after sharing the important information for your knowledge. Now the important tip for you is that, first send your documents for evaluation or for admission in just one university and check your eligibility. Because many students do the mistake, they apply in many universities and also pay Uni-assist charges in advance for all universities. Uni-assist check their documents and if they are not eligible to apply in any German University, then they refused the application and not refund their money. For example, if you pay to Uni-assist for admission in 5 universities (example 135 Euro). And after receiving your documents, Uni-assist evaluate that, you are not eligible to apply even in a single German university. Then they will reject your application and not refund you even a single Euro.

That’s why I suggest that, first send your documents for evaluation or for admission in one university and pay only one time charges. If Uni-assist gives you an OK answer about your eligibility. Then pay further immediately for as many as universities, in which you want to apply for admission. You don’t need to send your documents again and again, just send your documents once and Uni-assist will send the copies to your desired German Universities for admission.

If you have any desired German University or Universities for admission, tell Uni-assist to send your documents to that Universities. And, if you don’t know about any German University, then check Uni-assist provided list and select the desired university for admission. They will be charge according to your allowed numbers of universities for admission. Keep in mind that, all charges in Uni-assist are in advance.

The detail of Uni-assist charges are as follows:

The charges of first application in one university or for documents evaluation are 75 Euros. For admission in any further university, you need to pay additional 15 Euro per university.

For example, 

First application for one university or document evaluation = 75 Euro

Plus additional one university = 75 + 15 = 90 Euro

Plus additional two universities = 75 + 15 + 15 = 105 Euro

To apply in 2 universities each, both in ‘Winter and Summer Semesters” = 75 + 15 + 75 + 15 = 180 Euro

Procedure to apply for admission in German University through Uni-assist:

  1. First decide you want to apply in Bachelors Degree or in Masters Degree
  2. For Bachelors Degree it is necessary to apply first in Foundation Course, so apply in this course
  3. For Masters or PhD program you can apply directly in these degrees
  4. Then scan all your previous degrees, passport and current passport size picture in your computer
  5. Also arrange the German translation, if your certificates or degrees are in other language rather then German or English. If your certificates and degrees are in English then you don’t need German translation.
  6. Go to Uni-assist main website for information and go to Uni-assist Admission Portal to send your Application online
  7. On Uni-assist admission portal, first “Register” yourself with correct information
  8. Before going further, must read the “Basic Questions” for better know-how
  9. If you already have desired German university for admission then go directly to “Application“. Make your application and tell them about your desired university for admission.
  10. Go to “Search Study Offers” if you want to find German universities from provided list
  11. Then in “Search Study Offers” select your “Desired Semester for Admission“, “Qualification” and “Desired University for Admission“. (Good to search on google first, about the university and admission details before go further)
  12. Then select your “Academic Field” and click on Search
  13. If Universities open their admission then you will find list of different German Universities along with the courses. (If you will find “no result”, it mean currently no university offer the admission in your desired field)
  14. If you will find your desired university and course, then “click on the university link” and “Create Application” and follow the steps
  15. Give answers of the “Questions“, “upload all the required scanned documents” and “submit application Online
  16. Also take the “Print” of your online submitted application and then send that “Printed Application” with your signature to Uni-assist office address. (It is necessary for verification and record purpose. Your online application will be proceeded further, when Uni-assit will receive your printed application.)
  17. After your successfully submitted the online application, also pay the “charges” through online banking transfer or Paypal or through Western Union to Uni-assist bank account number(Don’t forget to write you Birthday, Full Name, Semester in which you applied and uni-assist application number in the money transfer details. For example: 12.11.1985, Muhammad Aslam, SS14, 1234567)
  18. When Uni-assist will receive your money, they will send you the verification email and receipt by mail

Hope this information will be useful for students, who have desire to study in Germany. If you have any question, then ask in bellow comment section.