How to Get Polio Certificate in Pakistan for Germany Study Visa

International Health Organization put some sanctions on Pakistani citizens, who travel to other countries. It is because of some recent polio cases in Pakistan. Now Polio is almost controlled, but travel sanctions are still there. So, when ever you travel to other countries, then you need Polio certificate, issued by Health ministry of Pakistan. That’s why, if you want to apply for Germany study visa, then it is necessary for you to attach Polio certificate in your file.

Polio certificate is not a rocket science and you can get this easily from your District Councils, District hospitals or from Federal controlled hospitals. Health ministry of Pakistan make different Polio certificate issuance centers in districts, district hospitals, federal controlled hospitals and airports of all the Provinces of Pakistan.

So, simply visit you district council office, district hospital or federal control hospital like PIMS with your passport and get Polio certificate immediately. You just need to take 3 drops of Polio vaccination and doctor will issue you a Polio certificate free of cost with you passport number.

Normally passengers get this certificate from airport health Boths. But you need to attached copy of Polio certificate in your visa file. So, you need this before submission of visa file in German Embassy. Nobody will check your Polio certificate during travelling, so it’s just a formality for German Embassy. But keep in mind that, don’t forget this Polio certificate at home during to international travelling from Pakistan to Germany. Because normally no body check this certificate, but sometimes if you have a bad luck then anybody on foreign airport can ask for polio certificate.

Last thing is about the cost of Polio certificate. Health departments issue Polio certificate free of cost. So, you don’t need to pay money to anyone for Polio certificate.

Sample of Polio certificate: