Travel Health Insurance in Pakistan for Germany Student Visa

If you travel from one country to another then travel health insurance is necessary. Travel health insurance is  the surety of your health safety during traveling and stay in other countries. You can get immediate and free basic medical treatment in other countries without any hustle.

Similarly, if you want to apply for Germany student visa in German Embassy. Then it is necessary for you to attached 6 month valid travel health insurance in visa file. Lot of people will think that it’s a simple thing and anyone can get travel health insurance easily from any insurance company. I know it’s a simple thing but why I write a whole article on it because of some important points.

Almost all the insurance companies in Pakistan issue travel health insurance. But travel health insurance of only few insurance companies is accepted in German Embassy Pakistan. The issue is not with the authenticity of Health Insurance companies, all Pakistani Health Insurance companies are approved by State Bank of Pakistan. The main issue is the affiliation of these Insurance companies with international health insurance companies.

Because after getting Germany study visa you will travel to Germany and will live there. Your university will take one, two or three months to provide you the local German health insurance. So, during this duration, if something happens to you, then you need hospital treatment. You can only get medical treatment in those German hospitals and clinics, which have affiliation with some international health insurance companies. Because after providing you medical facilities, they need to claim your medical charges to international insurance companies.

Normally health and medical facilities in Germany are too much expensive and not affordable without health insurance. So, get valid travel health insurance from those Pakistani Insurance companies who have affiliation with international insurance companies, specially with German health insurance companies.

Details of travel health insurance which you need:

  • Must be valid for minimum 6 months
  • Value with minimum coverage of 30,000 Euros
  • Insurance not only cover Germany but also cover all Schengen States

Cost of Travel Health Insurance:

Travel health insurance for Germany and Schengen states is not very expensive. It just cost 5,000 to 7000 Pakistani rupees, cost depends on the planes of each insurance company. Insurance companies provide sliver, standard, platinum, gold and diamond planes travel health insurance for Schengen States. Different plans provide different kind of facilities. Mostly insurance agents convince you to buy the expensive plan, but you don’t need to buy the expensive plan. When you will arrive in Germany, you will get German citizen health insurance in few weeks or months and then you don’t need travel health insurance. So, it’s just a formality for German Embassy. That’s why my suggestion for you is that buy the cheapest plan like standard. If your study visa refused, then you can reclaim you money back from insurance company.

For your convenience German Embassy provide a list of Pakistani Insurance companies, which i’m going to share here. You can get travel health insurance from these Pakistani insurance provider companies without any tension.

  • Adamjee Insurance Company Ltd.
  • Asia Insurance Co Ltd
  • Askari General Insurance Company Ltd
  • Atlas Insurance
  • CHUBB Insurance Company Ltd. (formerly ACE Insurance Ltd.)
  • CICL (Century Insurance Company Ltd)
  • Continental Insurance Company Ltd.
  • Crescent Star Insurance Limited
  • East West Insurance Company Ltd
  • EFU General
  • Habib Insurance Company Ltd.
  • IGI
  • Jubilee General Insurance Co. Ltd
  • PICIC (Pakistan Industrial Credit Investment Corporation)
  • Premier Insurance Limited
  • Pak-Qatar General Takaful Ltd
  • Shaheen Insurance
  • Sindh Insurance
  • SPI Insurance Company Ltd (formerly Saudi Pak)
  • TPL Direct Insurance Ltd
  • UBL Insurers Ltd
  • UIC (United Insurance Company)
  • Universal Insurance Co. Ltd

Sample of The United Insurance Company issued valid travel health insurance: