Possible Reasons for Rejection of German Student Visa

Many students ask this question “My German study visa refused, now what will i do?” after getting refusal from German Embassy. Some students have good luck and even with lot of mistakes and bad interview, they got German Study visa. But some students make a very good file and give very good interview, but still they got refusal from embassy. After refusal majority of the students blame German Embassy. But according to my experience, you done some where a big hidden mistake but you don’t give any attention to that.

I realize one thing that, mostly students who apply for study visa in German Embassy. They took help from local consultants for documents preparation. Local consultants don’t have enough knowledge and expertise, and they just prepare your visa file according to tricks, which they learned from other people.

They don’t make exact judgments according to your studies and visa categories. They just put too many unnecessary documents and a huge amount of bank statement in your file. You feel that your file is very good and you will 100 percent visa.  But, when your go for file submission and interview you get refusal. Consultants mostly took their money and put all the garbage on you for mistakes.

You waste your huge amount of money and time both in this practice. When somebody like me will try to correct you and give you a right direction, then you don’t listen his words and do this mistake again and again.

Here I will tell you the mistakes you mostly done in your file and interview, according to my experience. I listen lot of reasons from different students, who got refusal from German Embassy. From all that reasons, the most common is about your financial status and necessary file documents.

Mostly students just attached a huge amount of bank statement in file, without checking their source of income and study expenses. Consultants also suggest that attached minimum Rs. 3 million bank statement. I think this practice is wrong, it works in some cases but not in all. The good way to show your financial strength for study in Germany is that, you must show your strength between Rs. 10 to 15 million. With this also show your source of income, which not even justify your monthly income, but also make possible to save money in your Bank account. Try to show your monthly income sources between Rs. 100,000 to 200,000 or less than 400,000. Because in Pakistan, you need to pay income tax on Rs. 400,000 or above income. Mostly Pakistani’s not give tax on even the higher incomes. So, when you attached huge bank statement and huge income source, without tax returns. Embassy reject your visa on this conflicting situation. If you want to attached high amount of bank statement, then must show your source of income plus tax returns in FBR. Better to show, just a reasonable amount which just cover your study and living expenses.

I have a best formula to calculate income statement and income source for you. There are three types of students, who apply in Germany for studies. One who want to study free in Germany, second who want to study in paid universities and third who want to study on scholarships. Scholarship students don’t need to show any wealth, because there scholarship cover all the living and educational expenses in Germany. But for the other two types, I will explain things differently.

For Students who want to study Free in Germany:

These students need to show three types of wealth with a good source of income. They need a blocked account + a bank statement of his own + a bank statement of his financial supporter + a good source of income.

For Students who want to study in Paid German Universities:

These students need to show four types of wealth with a good source of income. They need University fee payment receipt (Full fee payment receipt, if just first installment then show remaining fee in bank account) + a blocked account + a bank statement of his own (paid full university fee then Rs. 1 to 1.5 million/paid one installment of university fee then remaining fee plus litte amount Rs. 200,000 or 300,000) + a bank statement of his financial supporter + a good source of income.

These are the basic things which you need to show your wealth. With this wealth procedure most of the students successfully got the German study visa. Now, you ask how much money you will show in your bank statement, in your financial supporter bank statement and in income source. Here I have a simple formula for your.

Total University Fee + Blocked Account + Student Bank Statement + Financial supporter Bank Statement + Income Source

Blocked account with 8,640 Euro is necessary for both type of students. So, I will tell you about the rest of the financial strength which you need to show.

If you paid your total university fee then show in your Pakistani bank statement just 1 million or 1.5 million rupees. If you just paid only the first installment, then show remaining amount plus some extra money in bank statement. For example, if your German university fee is 13000 Euro and you have three installment options (5000+4000+4000=13000 Euro) . You paid only first installment of 5000 Euro, then show remaining 8000 Euro plus some extra money in your Pakistani bank account statement. You also need to justify this money, from where you took this huge amount of money. Either you save this money from job or your family gives you this money and why?

Your financial supporter also must show a good running account statement. For example, if in his statement, total transactions amount is Rs. 3 Million, then he need to show minimum Rs. 1 million standing amount with income source. Income source of your financial supporter is also necessary to show. Because he need to prove that, where money comes in his account, because your financial supporter is a human not a Jinn. He can show his business documents, professional job proof, commercial rental property’s documents or agricultural land. He need to show a source of income, which gives him minimum 1000 Euro (equivalent amount) per month in Pakistan.

Next, please try to apply and prepare all the documents by your own. Because when you will apply by your own and prepare documents by yourself. Then you will not only learn about many things, but also you will be able to defend your document standing during the interview.

Don’t try to attached too many unnecessary documents in your visa file. As I know consultants always attach everything in your file, just to show the bigger size. When students look at the bigger file, they feel satisfied. But originally, they just put some garbage in your file, which ultimately spoil your image and case in German Embassy. Just attach only those documents, which are the Requirements of German Embassy. Even for your financial strength, you just only attach University fee receipt, blocked account, your bank statement, financial supporter bank statement and source of income. Do not try to show any type of loan documents or even study loan documents. With loan documents, visa rejection rate is 100 percent.

Here is the list of necessary documents as per requirements of German Embassy. Please keep in mind that, bigger size of the visa file don’t have any guaranty of visa approval. Authenticity and originality of the documents is the main thing. With authentic documents, your file size will be just normal. But your chances to get visa will be 101 percent. Believe me, majority of the students, who currently studying in Germany, their visa approved on small size of visa files. Because, they apply by their own and they only attached the authentic and original documents. German like those people, who speak truth and remain genuine. So, don’t try to be smart.

Last thing is about your Visa Interview. Must properly prepare yourself for visa interview in German Embassy. Because in other embassy’s, you can depend your documents with a expression of interest or with motivation letter. But in German Embassy, you need to defend everything in interview with your words. When you will prepare your documents by your own then you can give a very good justification of your documents. You can also explain in a decent way, why you want to study in Germany, from where you took this money, who is your financial supporter, why he supporting you and what is your source of income. In interview, don’t try to prove that you will go and come back after completion of studies, try to prove your belongingness with your home country. Give authentic reasons, which proves that even if a German company will give you a job of 10,000 Euro, even then you will come back. [Must Read This Before Going for Visa Interview in German Embassy]

German Visa Refusal Tip: If you got refusal from German Embassy. Then my suggestion for you is that, don’t go for appeal. Try to prepare your documents (visa file) again and apply again in a decent way, as I told you above. Mostly students said that, their consultant motivate them for appeal, so they go for appeal and again get rejection. In appeal, chances are very rare to get the study visa with same file. Consultants only want to earn money, so they try to motivate you toward those things, which can generate money for them.

Sometimes German Embassy refuse study visa because of insufficient knowledge of German or English language. If you apply for free studies and don’t know anything about German, then how can you study there. So, it is better for you, first improve your German language skills up to C2 level than apply for Study visa. Second, if you apply in English medium of instructions course or degree. Then must improve your English language first (IELTS 6.5 bands minimum), after that apply for German study visa. If you got refusal on insufficiency of language skills than don’t go for appeal, first enhance your language skills and then apply again in a good way. [Language Institutes in Pakistan]

In some cases you got refusal because of late admission or your semester is already started. So, you don’t have enough time to study. To avoid this situation, must apply for visa in German Embassy before 5 to 7 months of starting date of your first semester. Also try to open your blocked account as early as possible. Best suggestion is that, first open your blocked account (you can open your blocked account without any admission letter). Then apply for admission in German university and immediately book your appointment in German embassy. German Embassy Pakistan mostly took 3 to 4 month (sometimes 5 month) in response. Many students apply in last month of starting date of semester and due to late response of German embassy. They miss their first semester and got refusal. [Click Here to know: German Embassy Took How Much Time to Give Response]

In some cases German embassy reject visa because of ‘doubt on the purpose of stay in Germany’. It happens mostly if you took admission in wrong course. For example if your complete your bachelors in in Mechanical Engineering with 7.95 cgpa and you took admission in Germany in language course. So, logically it gives no sense German language course after Mechanical Engineering. That’s why always apply for admission in similar course or field and try to prove that how this course will help you in future. Give logical reasons related to your home country. Show your bounding with your home country in such a way. Which 100 percent proves that either you will get an opportunity of job in Germany with 10,000 euro per month. Even then you will come back to your home country.

If your visa rejected two times or three times then don’t apply again instantly. First try to understand the reason of visa rejection and try to remove all the possible errors which you are making again and again. Like as I mentioned in above Mechanical Engineering example. If your visa reject because of taking admission in language course after bachelors in Mechanical Engineering. Then try to change your course first and give logical reasons why you choose this course and ultimately which benefits you will get from this course. And, how it will be beneficial for your home country. Just applying again again with same visa file will gives you just embarrassment and rejection.

Hope my experience will help you. I write this blog, just to help students. Those students who want to study in Germany, but they waste there money with so called education consultants. So, please review my whole blog, and you will be able to apply in Germany for studies by yourself. If you have any further question, then ask in comments or in our Forums.

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