Biometric Photo Specifications for Germany Embassy

Huge number of students face problem in Embassy, because of Biometric Pictures. That’s why I’m going to tell you some important points about biometric pictures. German Embassy only accept Biometric pictures, not ordinary photoshop edited pictures.
Majority of applicants just take passport size pictures from different photo studios. Which edit their passport size pictures and try to make them more stylish. These types of edited pictures are not acceptable in German Embassy. Because these type of pictures called non biometric. In photo studios mostly they make your pictures with shoulders and from a longer distance. In these types of pictures your face mostly not become recognizable. So these pictures are also not acceptable in German Embassy.

The passport size pictures with your clear and recognizable face are called the biometric pictures. It means that only pictures of your clear natural face without any Photoshop editing are called biometric pictures. So, when you visit any photo studio for passport size pictures. Than tell them that, they make passport size biometric pictures with your clear and recognizable face only. Also tell then that, they must print them without Photoshop editing. Pictures with this simple and original recognizable face will be acceptable in Embassy. These are the basic instructions for all the international students.

For Pakistani Students: According to my suggestions you don’t take passport size pictures form photo studios. Just complete all your documents and on the day of your embassy appointment. You go earlier to Diplomatic Shuttle Service point. Where you can find one photo studio shop in shopping area. You take your biometric pictures from that photo studio. Because of there presence in Diplomatic Avenue, they have better knowledge about biometric pictures requirement of the German Embassy. If you take biometric pictures from Diplomatic Shuttle Service point photo studio, than you will never face any trouble in German Embassy regarding your bio metric pictures. Their charges are more as compare to normal outside photo studios, but their pictures will save you from trouble. They were charge normally Rs. 400 for 4 pictures in 2016.

For Indian Students: Indian students can get Biometric pictures from these German Embassy India’s recommended Photo Studios.

City Name Photo Studio Address and contact details
New Delhi “Reflections” Digital Photoshop Shop No. 25, NDMC Market, Malcha Marg

New Delhi 110021

Tel: 0091-11-9910272944, 0091-11-99 68 00 85 87


Bangalore all branches of GK Vale photo studios
Chennai DINA COLOURLAB 53/1 CP Ramaswamy Road

Chennai 600 018

Tel. 0120-2499 7239

Mumbai Atlanta Photo Shop – Atlanta Bldg Shop No. 7, Ground Floor, Nariman Point, Mumbai – 400 021.

Tel.: (022) 2204 2762, 2287 2587, 4002 0130