Germany Study Visa Process for Indian Students

To study in Germany you need to get first complete knowledge of study visa process. For Indian students Germany study visa process is easy as compare to other Asian countries. But it is necessary, not take this process easy. Try to give your full attention to each and every step of this process.

Many Indian students who want to study in Germany, do one mistake. They first try to search information about study visa process and not give attention to admission process. My recommendation for those students is that, first try to apply for admission in a German university or institute, then go for study visa process. Because, Germany study visa process is little bit more time consuming. If you just apply for study visa urgently or in last days of your semester start date. Then your chances of getting visa can be reduced. So, better for you is that, first apply admission in Germany university then go for study visa process.

Please completely follow the step by step process and click on the desired link to get additional information about that particular step in separate page.

Step 1:

Choose your desired university in Germany and apply for admission. Or, find German scholarship from scholarship provider institutes like Daad (German Academic Exchange Service). You can get information and counselling from Daad India free of cost.

Step 2:

Start Enrollment process in German University or College. You need attested/certified copies of your degrees, mark sheets and certificates to apply in German universities. You can attest these copies from German Embassy.

Step 3:

Open Student Blocked Account. You also need to attest blocked account opening Form from German Embassy India. Book appointment in German Embassy India’s website for document attestation. Then apply to open blocked account in your desired bank.

Step 4:

Book Accommodation in Germany.

Step 5:

Prepare documents according to German Embassy requirements.

Step 6:

Arrange Passport Size Biometric pictures.

Step 7:

  • Fill and Sign Study Visa Form. You can download this Form from German Embassy India’s website. Try to fill this form with computer or with type writer. Don’t fill this Form by hand, because hand written visa form is not acceptable due to non readable writing.
  • Declaration for true information with your signature

Step 8:

Book an online appointment in German Embassy India’s appointment portal for Visa File submission and Interview. Please check the amount of visa fee on German Embassy’s website and obtain Demand Draft with correct amount of visa fee. Must bring visa fee amount with you along with Demand Draft. Visa fee will be paid at the time of interview. Visa Fee of German Embassy India is as follows,

Adults Visa Fee 60 EUR 4,300 INR (depends on current exchange rate)

(amount obtained from German Embassy website in 2017, latest details and fee amount check on their website)

Step 9:

Submit your visa file and give your well prepared interview.

Step 10:

Congratulations for study visa approval or Better luck for next time for Refusal cases.

Step 11:

Book your ticket, do some necessary shopping and fly to Germany. Don’t forget to share our website to other students for their help.