Is International Students on Their First Arrival at German Airport have Interview

Many students who successfully get Germany study visa, remain confused about interview at German airports. Like students have interview at UK airports on their first arrival. In which UK Immigration Staff check their language skills in interview. Mostly students face very difficult situation during this first interview at Uk airport.

But if your are going to Germany, then you don’t need to worry about this interview. Because on German airports Immigration Staff not take very hard interview like UK. Normally German Embassy give more hard time to students as compare to other embassies. So, students only face difficulties during study visa application process for Germany. Later on when you will arrive first time on German Airport as an international students. Then they will just ask few basic questions to you, just to check your intentions.

So, I will give you some useful tips to takel these simple questions, which you will face at German Airports. According to my experience and from some other students point of view. Sometimes officers give hard time to some students and sometimes they just ask one or two question and let them go. But don’t worry, this hard time is not like UK airports. In Germany things for international students are easy as compare UK. It mostly depends on your country of origin and how well you prepared yourself for questions. Please before going to Germany must keep these important documents aside. Because you will need these documents at German airport.

  • Your Passport
  • University Acceptance Letter/Admission Letter
  • Accommodation Confirmation Letter/Email or Memorize the Address
  • University Coordinator Contact Details

When you will arrive at German Airport, then Immigration officer will ask you about

  • Your Name
  • Passport
  • Where you come from?
  • Why you come to Germany? (Purpose)
  • Where you will study?
  • Where you will live in Germany?
  • Who will receive you?
  • That’s it 🙂

These are most simplest questions which officer mostly ask to new students. Students mostly know answer of these questions because same question repeatedly asked in German Embassy. Just stay confident and give answer of these questions in English. Officer will ask you about language German or English. You can give answer in your preferred language. With these questions officer also request to check your documents like university acceptance letter. So, show your acceptance letter to the officer. That’s why I told you earlier, to save your time keep above mentioned documents aside. Please give simple and to the point answers of these questions. Immigration  officer normally take just 2 to 5 mins for these questions and clear you to fulfill your educational dreams.