How to Book German Embassy India Visa Appointment?

Many Indian students who want to book German Embassy India visa appointment remain confused about the appointment booking process. Online appointment booking process looks difficult but actually it is the most easiest process. You just need to understand few basic things before booking of an appointment. I will explain all these basic things one by one for your help.

First thing which you need to understand is about type of appointment. You need decide first either you want to book an appointment for document attestation, visa file submission or for visa interview. Because you can book three types of appointment in German Missions India.

  1. Appointment for Document Attestation
  2. Appointment for Visa File Submission
  3. Appointment for Visa Interview

Second thing which you need to understand about the location of appointment. Because in India German Missions have one Embassy and four consulate generals in different cities. You need to choose your nearest one or according to your region. You can check these details on the website of German Missions India. German Missions offices in India are as follows,

  • German Embassy New Delhi
  • German Consulate General Bangalore
  • German Consulate General Chennai
  • German Consulate General Kolkata
  • German Consulate General Mumbai

After clearance your mind about these two things, now you can book your appointment without any mistake. For the booking of online appointment go to Appointment Section of German Missions India. There you will find the schedule of appointments from top to bottom. You can select any appointment schedule according to your requirement as I mentioned above. In each appointment schedule you can find your desired area’s embassy and consulate for online appointment booking. So, you select which is more suitable for you according to German Missions instructions. Students can go to these two sections according to their requirements.

Appointments for Schengen Visas:

Go to this section for student visa file submission or for visa interview .

Appointments for Attestations:

Go to this section for attestation of your documents.

After selection of your desired appointment section and Embassy/Consulate. Your can follow the instructions according to online booking portal to finalize the appointment booking.

Note: I share this information best of my knowledge and research for your guidance and help. You must visit the official websites for the latest information and requirements.