Necessary Things To Do After Arrival in Germany as a Student

After successfully got admission and Germany study visa. The first question which comes in the mind of international students is: which necessary things to do after arrival in Germany as a student. Its a logical question, because as a new person in a new country, it is very difficult to do anything without proper guidance. According to my personal experience after arriving in Germany. If you ask about some help or some information to any person even if he or she belong to your origin country. They will refuse to give you any kind of help or information. Some people pretend to help you but gives you wrong information. So, this thing create very difficult situation for international students in Germany.

The students who come to Germany on Daad scholarship or through any other scholarship. They mostly get complete help from scholarship provider institutions. But the students who came in Germany without scholarships or personal financing. They face too much problems after arrival in Germany because of less guidance. Some private universities are very good and they properly help and guide students. But if you still don’t know what to do after arrival in Germany as a student. Then you don’t need to worry because I will give you complete information about this issue. You need to do following things after successfully arrive in Germany as a student.

Arrange proper accommodation in Germany and get accommodation contract:

After successful arrival in Germany, must arrange a proper accommodation for you. You can read this article to know how to find accommodation in Germany. You also get a proper accommodation contract or rental agreement from your house master.

Register your place of residence in Foreigners Registration office:

Now feel relax and visit Foreigners Registration Office in your city to register your residence place. You just need your passport, university contact information and accommodation address information for registration. It’s a very easy process, so you don’t need to worry about it. Just visit Foreigners Registration Office called ‘Ausländerangelegenheiten’ with above mentioned documents. Tell to reception desk that you came here for registration and follow their instructions.

Visit your Bank and open blockage from your student blocked account/open bank account if you already opened blocked account in your country:

Without money international students cannot even breath in Germany. So, visit your bank as early as possible and remove blockage from your student blocked account. Because without blockage removal you cannot use your bank account in Germany. If you already opened blocked account in your country, then visit any bank to open normal student account to transfer your money from blocked account to German bank account.

Get Certificate of enrollment from your university:

When you will visit your university/college first time, then must get certificate of enrollment from your university. With this also get Certificate of the course provider on application and duration of the course from university. You will need these two documents for residence permit extension at the time of your visa duration expiration.

Get German legal health insurance:

Attend your classes regularly and also don’t forget to arrange a proper German legal health insurance from any German insurance company. Because you need this health insurance for your medical treatment in Germany if you become sick. Second you need this to present at the time to apply for residence permit extension.

Apply for Residence Permit before expiry of visa duration:

When you will do the first step of residence registration in Foreigners Registration Office. You will get an email appointment after some days to apply for residence permit. Foreigners Registration Office will give a appointment date few days before your expiration of visa duration. They will also give a list of documents in email which you need to provide them on the day of appointment.

Note: I hope this information will helpful for all international students. I share this information best of my knowledge just because of your help and guidance. Please visit official websites for latest information and requirements.