How to Book Appointment in German Consulate Karachi – Student Visa Appointments

If you belong to Sindh or Balochistan provinces and want to apply study visa for Germany. Then you need to apply in German consulate Karachi. Previously there were not online appointment system in Karachi consulate like Islamabad embassy. But from 11 September 2017 to onward online appointment system also implemented in Karachi consulate.

So, now you can not visit German consulate Karachi without an appointment. People who already familiar with Islamabad embassy appointment system, they know it’s not a difficult procedure. But many students consider it as a very tough process and ask questions. That’s why today I will tell you how you can book your appointment in Karachi consulate for study visa.

Procedure is very easy, so just follow the step by step instructions. Online appointment is free of cost in both German embassy Islamabad and German consulate Karachi. So, you don’t need to pay money to anyone and you can book your appointment by yourself. The most important thing is that, if you want to book your appointment then book as early as possible. Because yo will not get any free slot for appointment on the time.

German embassy and consulate don’t offer any urgent appointment system. So, you need to book from normal appointment system that’s why book almost one month before. If you are not ready to appear on the day of appointment then please don’t waste other students time and cancle your appointment as immediately.

Procedure to book visa appointment in German Consulate Karachi in order to submit visa file or for interview.

  • First arrange all the set of required documents, application form and photo copies according to embassy requirements
  • Then go to the website of German Embassy Pakistan (German Missions in Pakistan)
  • Then in right side manu click on “Consulate General KARACHI”
  • Then go down and in first paragraph you will find a heading “Online Appointment System for Visa Application”.  At the bottom of this paragraph click on this link »Online Appointments for applicants from Sindh and Balochistan
  • Click on above mentioned link and you will be on appointment booking portal [Direct Link Of Appointment Booking Portal]
  • There you will find the three sections,
  1. Visa for Schengen
  2. national Visa [Study Visa Category so choose this]
  3. Visa for groups
  • Read all the important instructions then continue
  • Then continue with category “long term visa”
  • Then read all the instructions and continue

[Note: If you will not find any category name like I mentioned above on this page and just find word “continue” three times. Then please don’t continue, just refresh the page and categories will appear again. If still not appear then go to back page and continue again. Because without category name, you can book a wrong appointment. Which ultimately will become a embarrassing situation for you as Embassy officials will refuse your entrance. So, be relax and continue according to category name which is “long term visa”

  • Then continue and add the verification capta code
  • Then check all the available appointment dates and select the desired date for visa appointment or file submission or interview, or recall

  • After finishing the appointment, don’t forget to take the print of booked appointment. Because without print of appointment, you cannot enter in German consulate Karachi.
  • Best of luck and if you have any question then ask bellow in comment sections.

Note:- For blocked account document attestation still no appointment required in Karachi consulate. You can go for attestation from Monday to Thursday after 1:30 pm and on Friday at 12:00 pm.

Attention:- All those students who facing difficulty to book appointment in Islamabad embassy, must read this important message which already appeared on German embassy website.

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