Cheap air flights and tickets between Germany and Pakistan

Usually tickets purchased in Germany for Pakistan are cheap as compared to same route when purchased from Pakistan. This is called simply point of purchase.For example from Hamburg to Lahore return ticket is Rs. 78,000 but same return ticket from Lahore to Hamburg would be much expensive.


  • Always use sky scanner and kayak with flexible dates option to check trends and lowest fares.
  • Always plan well and before your travel because tickets can be cheaper 2-3 months before travel date.
  • If you are going to use Emirates air line, then emirates airline has contract with DBahn (german Railway). It means that you can travel free of cost 24 hrs before/after your scheduled flight from the airport. Its good if you get economical emirates flight to any main airport (Frankfurt, hamburg or berlin etc.) and travel to your required city free of cost.
  • If you are going to use Turkish airline, then you can select transit of up to 20 hrs free and just spend USD 60 for Turkish visa to to see Istanbul free of cost. Always make sure that your flight arrive at late night or in morning and depart in evening from Istanbul.
  • Emirates from Hamburg to Lahore on Wednesday normally has natural transit of more than 10 hours, and with ticket price you can claim free transit visa and stay at Dubai. You need to negotiate with emirates for this option.
  • Usually Turkish airline connects most of the German airports with Pakistan. Every month they have 1 or 2 days with very low return tickets on routes which are not busy. e.g, Stuttgart – Islamabad you can have return ticket for Rs 57,000.
  • Qatar Airlines is also cheaper option to travel from Frankfort to Islamabad, Lahore or Karachi.
  • With Saudi airlines you can also take an Umrah package so it can be a good option also.

Cheapest 1-way ticket from Germany to Lahore:

  • Use Pegasus airline from Germany to Dubai and then use Airblue for Bubai to Lahore. But its good if you don’t have checked-in luggage at origin.
  • Similarly, Norweigan airline from Hamburg to Dubai can cost Rs.17,800 and Airblue from Dubai to Lahore cost Rs 9,500 and total Rs. 27,300.