Notary Public Attestation of documents for admission in German university from Pakistan

Many students who want to apply in German universities for admission always remain confused about Notary Public Attestation of documents. Notary Public Attestation is not like degree attestation which performed by HEC or other boards. It’s a simple form of attestation from any notary public authorized lawyer. It performed just to prove that all photocopies are same like original documents.

A person can intentionally change any data in photocopies just to get any type of short term benefit. That’s why foreign institutions and even local required now notarized photocopies of documents. Just to ensure that person submitted all the photocopies same like original documents.

One thing keep in mind that all original documents and certificates are not required to notarize. Only you can notarize the photocopies of original documents. It is miss conception in our country about original documents. No lawyer can notarize any original document because he or she is not the issuing authority of that document. Only issuing authority and boards can test an original document like boards, IBBC and HEC. So, always notarize or attest photocopies of original documents not original.

Second important thing is about the stamp sample. People also have miss conception about this thing. As I told you notary attestation is just a normal attestation so sample doesn’t matter. Round, square, triangle or even rectangle have no issue. Similarly color also have no issue, lawyer can use purple, blue or black any ink to notarize documents. Sample or color is not important, the more important is the originality of your photocopies.

Third most important thing is about Golden stamp, which is a new type to make people fool. Some people thought that if they will put golden stamp then anybody can accept their documents. It’s simply a wrong perception, if your photocopy is tempered then how a golden stamp can hide that thing. Or, if your marks are not up to the requirement of university then how university will accept golden stamp photocopies. It’s just a new way of earning money nothing else. Hope you will clear your miss conceptions about notary attestation of documents.


  • Just do all the photocopies of your degrees and certificates which you want to send to a German university.
  • Go to any bar council which is near to you and find any lawyer who authorized to notarize the documents.
  • Must bring your original documents along with photocopies because otherwise how they can attest the originality of photocopies.
  • Just pay them their required fee and notarize your photocopies with simple black or blue stamp.
  • That’s it 🙂 now you can send these photocopies to any university.