Which documents you need attest to apply admission in German university?

Many students ask this question and answer is very simple. For both admission and visa process you need to attest the same documents. Which is necessary to prove the originality of your degrees and certificates.
Start from your matriculation certificate and then step by step for others. First attest your matriculation certificate from your concern board like Gujranwala board, Rawalpindi board or Federal board etc.

Then in second step attest your intermediate certificate also from your concern board like I mentioned above. If you have done your matriculation and intermediate from same boards, then attest both together.

In third step attest your matriculation and intermediate certificate from IBCC Islamabad. One thing keep in mind that you don’t need to attest photocopies of you matriculation and intermediate certificate. Just attest the original certificates.

Students who have O level and A level certificates. They don’t need to attest O/A levels certificates. Similarly, they also don’t need any equivalence certificate. Why? Check this article for answer[⇑].

If you want to apply in foundation course/Studienkolleg. Then certificate registration done here for you. Now you only need to notarize the photocopies of your documents for both admission and visa process. Bachelors and Masters students go for next step.

In forth step attest your graduation and masters degree (which latest degree you have) from HEC Islamabad. Here also keep in mind that you don’t need to attest photocopies of your degrees. Just attest your original degrees and transcripts which you need for admission. Please keep in mind that if you have your latest degree then just attest your lastest degree not transcripts. But if you don’t have degree yet then attest your final transcript and use that for admission.

After these attestations you simply go to foreign office Islamabad and attest your all matriculation, intermediate, graduation and master degrees from there. This is not required but some students also go for this attestation.

That’s it, you only need these attestations to apply admission in German universities and for visa process.

Now another confusion about photocopies, you don’t need to attest photocopies from boards or HEC. Just take photocopies of both side of your degrees and certificates because they are already attested. Simply visit any Bar Council or Kachehri in your city and notarize that photocopies. Only notary attestation is enough for photocopies because boards, IBCC, HEC and foreign office stamps are already printed on photocopies.

Note:- You don’t need any attestation from German embassy. Because German embassy represent Germany not Pakistan. So, they don’t have any authority to attest or verify your degrees and certificates.

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