Cheapest way to transfer Uni assist application fee from Pakistan

It’s a most common question which students ask all the time. Because online payment system is very good in Pakistan. But don’t worry I will explain here the convenient and easy ways to transfer money to uni assist.

The first cheapest way is, if any of your friend of family member living in any country of European Union. Then request then to pay your application fee from there and you pay them here in Pakistan.

Second cheapest way is, if just find any person in your area who have credit card and request them to transfer your application fee and you pay them.

Third cheapest way is, just visit any western union outlet and transfer money with them.

Fourth cheapest method is, just open an UBL account any apply for “UBL Wiz Card”. Then request for internet registration & session activation for online payments. Then you just have to write your card details on uni assist form and then send that form along with other documents by post to uni assist. Uni-assist will deduct the payment from your wiz card account after a week. It is necessary to have the required money in your account at the time uni assist would be deducting the payment.

I hope these methods will help you to transfer Uni-assist application fee easily. If you know any other cheap and convenient method then must share in bellow comments section.