How to get admission in Germany after 2 year bachelor?

As we know that 2 year bachelor like bsc, and ba is very popular in Pakistan. Many students go for this shortcut and take this 2 year bachelor degree. Admission process is very easy for students who have 4 years (Hons) bachelor degree. But for two years, it’s little bit difficult. Difficult doesn’t mean that, they are not eligible for admission. It means that they need to do more effort then other students who have Hons degree.

With two year bachelor degree you are eligible to take admission in a Germany university. But there are only few universities who offer admission for 2 year bachelor students. So, you need to do little effort to find that universities by yourself on Daad’s portal or on internet.
To take admission in masters after 2 year bachelors, the only thing which you need is IELTS with minimum 6.5 bands. Some universities also give admission to those who have 6.0 bands but more good bands will increase your chances of admission.

As my expertise are in business studies. So, for 2 year students, I will suggest you to find universities which offer admission in international trade or hotel management. Because the requirements of these courses are very low and chances of getting admission are very high. Even for those students who have 2 year master degree ( Other tip for these students is that, try to find any private German university. Because mostly private universities charge fee and they keep very low admission criteria to attract more students. In these universities, your chances to get admission in master degree are high. This tip is also for those who have 2 year bachelors degree Bsc.

All the students who have 2 year bachelor and 2 year master degree. They can also apply in Germany for master degree program. If your marks are good then try to find admission in Government universities. But if you have low percentage then try to find private universities who offer master program with low criteria.

Check this uni-assist portal to check your minimum qualification eligibility to study in Germany.