What is foundation course/Studienkolleg?

What is foundation course/Studienkolleg?

Foundation course or Studienkolleg is a one year course (2 semesters). Which design for the students, who have 12 years of higher secondary school certificate in their home countries. Because 12 years of higher secondary school certificate is not accepted as an entrance qualification for German universities.

If you have A-levels or completed at least two years of undergraduate course at a Pakistani university. Then you don’t need to take admission in Studienkolleg. Before you may start your undergraduate course in Germany.

In simple words, after higher secondary school certificate. You need to pass a kind of entry test or special examination called the “Feststellungsprüfung“. After passing this test you can take admission in a German university with your 12 years higher secondary school certificate. And the best way for the preparation of this “Feststellungsprüfung“ is to take admission in “Studienkolleg” (foundation course). With Studienkolleg, you will be able to clear university entry examination “Feststellungsprüfung“ very easily.

This foundation course “Studienkolleg” have duration of one year, and ends with “Feststellungsprüfung” (university qualification assessment examination). Which is necessary for you to pass to take admission in a university. This entry test is same like our entry test like NTS in Pakistan.

Are all the courses at foundation course/Studienkolleg are same?

There are different Studienkollegs preparing for Universities of Applied Sciences and Research Universities. They designed courses according to special study areas like:

For Research Universities:

  • M =  Medicine, Biology, (Chemistry) Pharmacy
  • T = Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry (also in M), technical subjects
  • W = Economics, Social Sciences, Business Studies etc.
  • G =  Humanities, German literature and language
  • S = Languages

For Universities of Applied Sciences (Hochschulen/Fachhochschulen)

  • TI = Technical and Engineering Sciences
  • WW = Business Studies
  • GD = Art, Design and related fields
  • SW = Social Sciences
Duration of foundation course/Studienkolleg:

This foundation course “Studienkolleg” have duration of one year (2 semesters), and ends with “Feststellungsprüfung” (university qualification assessment examination). Courses mostly start in spring and fall.

Requirements to take admission in foundation course/Studienkolleg:

Before joining a Studienkolleg, students need to pass an admission test (mostly German, Maths). For this test prerequisites are:

  • Pakistani university entrance qualification (HSSC)
  • German language skills up to B1 level
  • Enough money to pay for your living expenses in Germany (proof of financial resources)
  • Valid visa
Cost of foundation course/Studienkolleg?

The state run Studienkollegs are free of charge. There are also private foundation courses which charge fees.

How to apply in foundation course/Studienkolleg? 
For preparation courses or foundation course “Studienkolleg”. You can check the database of the DAAD.

List of German Studienkollegs:

Check this link for complete list of German Studienkollegs.