Necessary things to do before permanently leaving Germany

These are the necessary things to do before permanently leaving Germany. You should do all cancellations 3 months before the end of your contracts. This includes cancellation for apartment, internet, mobile phone, otherwise you will have to pay 3 months extra fee. All cancellations have to be send as written letters in German. Mention “Kündigung wegen Umzug ins Ausland. The cancellations for health insurance and electricity can be made at the last moment. Final cancellations always require “Abmeldung” from the Stadtsamt. In some cases i.e. Mobile and Internet, they also want to see one way flight ticket or proof of registration in Ausland. In this case, give your NICOP (if you are going back to Pakistan).

Clear all your taxes with the Finanzamt before you go.

You can retain your bank account for a certain period after you are gone. Go to your bank and ask them to cancel your account, for example, from April 2015. You have to sign every thing now but the account will be cancelled at that date. Ask them how to transfer remaining money to you. Normally, banks do not transfer outside EU.

Obtain a document called “Führungszeugniss” from Bürgeramt. It is a police character certificate and required by most countries if you intend to do job there. For example in USA. It costs 13 € and comes from Ministry of Justice, Bonn.

Doing Abmeldung will not cancel your visa if you return to Germany within 6 months.

In case you need to send cargo, use DHL services. Best and reliable. The cargo reaches Pakistan in 8 working days.