Major Reasons for Rejection of German Student Visa – Part 10 Last Page

Prospective Student: Sir, I have a question for you: Mainly, on what basis will you choose candidate for issuing an German visa. Are there any specific points?

Officer: We’ll end with your question. Hope this was useful, and hope this answer can be a good summary: students have the burden of proof to show that they’re qualified for the student visa. here’s what you need: a credible intent to study at the graduate student level (which is a pretty high level, of course), a credible plan for finances (You can bear yourself for first year time), and an intent to return to a residence abroad (which means in large part that the officer can’t suspect that you’re using the student visa for economic or immigration purposes.) You’ve really got to convince us you’re a STUDENT first and foremost, and going for a world-class education, and separate yourself from the mass of folks who want to work/play on a student visa.

For students who have already been refused, it means you have an uphill battle. We don’t encourage you to reapply again immediately without fixing on causes, as all the officers are trained to evaluate students similarly. You won’t likely find a new result – at an expensive cost – unless you can demonstrate that you’re a better candidate than before. Do something that you can proudly tell the officer makes you a better candidate, whether that’s showing off some new work experience, boasting a higher test score, or better articulating a good academic plan.

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