Major Reasons for Rejection of German Student Visa – Part 1

I had been studying the major reasons for rejection of German Student Visa and been in contact with many students who got rejection. During last few months i had a contact with a person who worked at German consulate in Karachi. I got opportunity to talk more details about student visa refusal. Side by side during this time i had been compiling this document to help student with such problem.

Statistics & figures of VISA rejection:

In last 4 years following statistics of student visa rejection are obtained.

  • Total cases filled for visa -436
  • Total cases with success- 313 (71.7%)
  • Total visa rejections-123 (28.2%)
  • First reppeal success-59
  • Second reappeal success-31
  • Third reappeal success-10
  • Total rejection/VISA status not confirmed: 23

Im am going to share Visa Officer’s suggestions and answers for rejection of German Student Visa. The discussion with visa officer is been written so to make it interesting.

Prospective Student: My German visa was refused and the reason I was told is that for public administration there are not many job opportunities in Pakistan. If there weren’t any job opportunities then why do students like me opt for that subject? There are plenty of jobs here in Pakistan on the subject.

Officer: Thanks for your question. Student visas aren’t usually refused for only one reason; usually there are several factors that lead the officer to believe that the student hasn’t met the burden of proof that he or she is qualified for the student visa. What do you think were the weaknesses of your application?

Prospective Student: I was refused my visa stating that my academics are low?
Officer: Not all students will be able to convince a visa officer that they meet the requirements for the student visa based off of their academic history alone. If you have average or below average marks in your undergraduate program, it is very likely that you will need additional factors to prove to the visa officer that you will be successful in a German graduate program.

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