Major Reasons for Rejection of German Student Visa – Part 2

Prospective Student: Why are there so many rejections I guess around 20% ratio is quite high?

Officer: Many of students get their student visa approved in islamabad/kararchi every year, but you’re right, there are also some students who are not approved. The most common reason is because of weak visa cased filled & lack of consistency in documents & interview. According to that law, the burden of proof is on the student to show that they meet the qualifications for the student visa. Please know that I don’t know the specifics of why you were refused, of course, I can only speak in general terms. But I hope that information is helpful.

Prospective Student: I just wanted to know the reason to my Visa application to be rejected?

Officer: I don’t know why you were refused. What do you think was the weakest part of your application profile?

Prospective Student: Though my Academic grades were good and even my GRE and IELTS score were good I was rejected twice.

Officer: Academics and IELTS/test scores are two of the very important factors that officers use, but they’re not the entire interview. Other factors are considered too. And how “good” is “good?” There are no hard and fast rules, no magic numbers, but sometimes students and officers have different definitions of “good.” If you IELTS score with 6.0 & above then you are good with IELTS. Also grades above 3.0 are quite good. We also ignore grades with 2.5 & above. But if the grade is low & you have other problems they compile to rejection.

Prospective Student: I was rejected my German Visa under) as a potential immigrant… I was asked about my selected University in which my older brother had studied and is in Germany working , once I said this to the VISA officer, she started asking me about my brother and handed me with Rejection. I would like to know that can I reapply as I don’t have any intention of staying there forever.

Officer: It may seem silly to compare you with your older brother (or sister) but I’ve often asked about older siblings who have studied in the past. It’s not a set-in-stone factor, but it helps me consider your application. I’d encourage anyone who has an older sibling in the GERMAN to bring a photocopy of their passport and a photocopy of their transcripts and, if your sibling is working now and will help to sponsor your education, make sure to bring a copy of their salary slips and bank documents. But part of the analysis under the law is job opportunities and having a career plan. In addition, the student must convince the officer that he or she has a present intent to return to their home country after schooling.  So having your relative in Germany is not bad at all, but trying to settle down using education as undercover is bad. & if visa officer smell this from your interview they dnt give you visa. More over dnt be trying to pretender. VISA officers are doing these jobs for years, & they do it daily, so they have ability to recognize people by only seeing them. Be frank & true present what you have & what you are.

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