Major Reasons for Rejection of German Student Visa – Part 3

Prospective Student: Why rejection rate is high compared to last year for GERMAN Visa?(This was ask about 2012 rejections in Pakistan)

Officer: I don’t know the current approval rate, and I don’t know how it compares to last year. Sorry. We don’t keep that information, because we adjudicate each application as an individual. It’s our goal, though, to consistently adjudicate student visas – both year after year and at every post around Pakistan. These things are decided in foreign office Berlin & this also depends upon relations between two countries. I will not comment but you can guess what going on around the corner.

Prospective Student: Is it necessary to change the University after we were rejected for the first time?

Officer: It’s not necessary to change the university. (If you do change the University, be prepared to explain why to the officer.) But it brings up an important topic, explaining your academic plan.

Give careful consideration of your academic plan. In order to be eligible for a student visa, you must present a credible academic plan, and a significant part of that requirement is explaining your University selection. Consular officers do not adjudicate student visas on University choice alone, but we are well aware of Universities which have been closed down for unlawful activities. In both Pakistan and the

Germany government regulated banks can go bankrupt, government-inspected airlines can have accidents, and government-authorized schools can be shut down. Have you spent as much time comparison shopping for Universities as you would if you were buying a new motorcycle?

I am a visa officer who has interviewed thousands of Pakistani student visa applicants. Many are very good. But I am worried when I talk to applicants who seem to have paid very little attention in choosing a school, that it is almost a casual choice. Select universities that have solid reputations and be prepared to present good reasons why your final selection is the best match for you. How does this university makes sense for you, in terms of your academic background and future plans?

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