Major Reasons for Rejection of German Student Visa – Part 5

Prospective Student: I have received admission from  Bremen for PhD for fall 2011, for registration they need final master’s certificate and since I couldn’t get that in time, I deferred my admission to the next semester. But my masters University said that it will take some more time. I wanted to know if I can apply for visa with my official graduation letter from University until the final certificate is ready. (Because if I wait till the final certificate is ready and then apply for visa, it may become late)

Officer: That’s a good question. I’m not sure I know the answer. What I do know is that you definitely need an degree completion from the University. As soon as the University issues you the transcript or degree, you should be able to apply for the visa interview. Oftentimes we see only provisional documents rather than the final copy, and most of the time that is fine. But it varies on visa officer some agree on provisional some dnt .

Prospective Student: I got my visa stamped on Dec 2010 as my mom met with an accident I couldn’t turn up for the Spring intake (Jan 2011). So I have applied for deferral joining, for the same University and received my new transcript with same number and for the same course and for the same University. Kindly help me out whether I can go with the same visa or not. My college reporting is on 24th august. So kindly help me out with this issue….Thank You

Officer: We encourage you to get a new visa, you might well have a problem at the Port of Entry with an old visa, even if it is still valid. Know, though, that a new interview .

Questions on GRE & TOEFL:

Prospective Student: Sir I would like to put forth a general query which lots of students have and i.e., is GRE a requirement for German  visa issuance or admission requirement for Universities in Germany.

Officer: Great question. GRE is not required for student visa. But it is an important tool for both master’s program admission and helping the officer know if you’re likely to be a credible grad student. Especially if you’ve been refused in the past, it’s a good way to demonstrate that you’re taking improvement seriously and gives the visa officer a new piece of information that might make you successful. The GRE also greatly expands the number of universities you can consider and apply for. All of my friends who went to grad school or professional school — and even those who were simply thinking about it — took the GREs. Can’t hurt, right? Some universities, let me see.. yes TUHH , aachen etc. need GRE in that case its compulsory. I advise you if you have time go for it, it’s always worth it.

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