Major Reasons for Rejection of German Student Visa – Part 6

Prospective Student: What is the criterion that really matters for obtaining a visa? GRE, IELTS and TOEFL scores? Or the intent to return back to Pakistan? Or the academics? Exactly what?

Officer: It’s the whole picture. Except I’d add in “your academic plan.” and I’d slightly minimize “intent to return back to Pakistan,” as GERMAN law acknowledges that students are young, impressionable, and likely to change and grow.  IELTS/TOFEL must be cleared as base line requirement we don’t need very high scores. But if you have good score you can impress the officer, at the end of the day we are also humans. Similar can be said about grades, if you have very good grades we over see many things. But with low grades we see things very narrowly & see if the caliber of the candidate is not retarded.  For example we become more keen to see the letter of motivation.

Prospective Student: Sir, I have applied for German visa twice in last 6 months. The reason for the first rejection was low IELTS (5.5) and the reason for the second rejection was “low tier University”. I agree that the only weak point in my profile was low IELTS but I have seen myself that students with same level of my academic background whether it is backlogs or percentage……… a visa for same level of University with having very bright CGPA!!!…………… I sincerely ask you Sir, doesn’t it hurt when we see such cases?

Officer: Luckily, both of the reasons that you suggest as the reasons you were refused are within your control. You can still work hard, study and improve your test scores. And you can always apply to even stronger academic programs. We don’t adjudicate based on the school, but I think you’ll find that higher test scores will help gain you admission to programs that will better help you achieve your goals…which can only help you convince the officer that you have a great academic plan in mind. You know, see it from my chair, student with weak interview, inconsistent documents & bad interview. Things pile up. It’s not about a single point. You can point someone else with the same CGPA getting visa. May be he gave outstanding interview. Its like a end picture which the visa officer takes when you go back home.

Prospective Student: My profile is a % of 65 in graduation with no backlogs…… average score in IELTS 5.5……applied to BREMEN University…………got rejected twice saying I was a potential immigrant and had a low IETLS score…….will a higher score help me the next time?

Officer: Like I told someone one before, improving your IELTS score is a good way to improve your application. It requires work, study and determination. Do you think that was the weakest part of your application? Studying and improving your IELTS score is one good step that all previously-refused students can try to improve their credentials for a second interview. High exam scores on aptitude based entrance exams are one piece of evidence that lead visa officers to believe you will be a credible, legitimate student in a German University.

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