Major Reasons for Rejection of German Student Visa – Part 7

Prospective Student: I have been refused German visa for twice in Fall 2011 intake. The reason for my rejection is I am not having enough work experience and have a low IELTS score. But people with these qualifications have been issued visa.

Officer: It’s true, there are no magic numbers, and you can get a student visa with a low grades & may be some time less IELTS. But that’s a score that would often lead me to ask the student if that’s the best score they could get. If it is the highest score you can get, you might lag behind German classmates in a graduate-level program. And if it’s not the highest score you can get, I would wonder about your dedication to studies. Graduate school is a big commitment; you should be willing to put in the work to improve your IELTS score. The gist is while applying for reappeal you must prove your commitment to work.

Questions on Visa issuance being pure Luck:

Prospective Student: Everybody says visa is based on luck and confidence in you is it true?

Officer: Ha ha, I’ll try to convince you that are not entirely the case. Luck? If you have an outstanding academic profile and plan, you’re going to find a lot of success in the GERMAN as a graduate student. If you didn’t work hard in your undergrad and have a poor academic plan, you’re unlikely to get a student visa. In the GERMAN we have a saying “YOU MAKE YOUR OWN LUCK.” But I will admit that confidence is important. 🙂 Prepare for your interview and present comfortably. If I give you summary, your body language, your style of speaking during interview & its consistency with your documents matter a lot then luck.

Questions on Accredited Universities:

Prospective Student: Now I want to apply for GERMAN but I am still worried with the scams and all….So how can I make sure the University I apply to is accredited or not.

Officer: Fantastic question and an important one. Accreditation is not tricky, go on & check it yourself. You can ask senior students who are already there.  But mostly this is not case in Germany like UK. Most of the universities are ok, except for some private ones.

Illegally??  And 3. You have a present intent to return to your home country.

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