Major Reasons for Rejection of German Student Visa – Part 8

Prospective Student: In my first interview, the Officer asked me the reason for my backlogs (7 which were cleared). He was not convinced. In my second interview I convinced the officer informing my goals n career. He says he can’t issue the visa. I asked him the reason he says it is written in the form that I have low academics and 7 backlogs…my academics are not that low. It is 62% What was the use of attending second counseling when the officer takes a decision on depending on the comment written by the first officer. I don’t understand. Please suggest whether I have could attempt the next time?

Officer: Yes, all non-immigrant visa applicants can apply again, but know that unless you can show a change of circumstances; your new application is likely to be refused again. We recommend that students do not reapply until they can show a significant improvement in qualifications. Since you’ve had two refusals, it seems pretty clear that you should take some additional steps to bolster your credentials. What do you think?

But know that officers can see what information has changed since your previous interviews, which brings up two important points: 1. make sure you never provide false information to a visa officer, as it could come back to haunt you! Misrepresentation that is material. 2. Always be able to tell the officer something that has changed since your previous application. Why are you a better candidate now? What have you done since the previous interview? Have you gotten some good work experience? Have you been working on projects? Retaken the  IELTS? Prepared a better financial plan? Because if you’ve only been playing cricket for the past month, you’re unlikely to get a different result — all officers are trained to make similar decisions!

Prospective Student: Sir…I have heard that some people were rejected  in 2010 their visas for the reason that they had fake TOEFL scores and that was determined by the test centre which is kept in blacklists. Then what is the fate of the person who took the exam genuinely and has been rejected visa by the reason of fake exam? 

Officer: Fake TOEFLs are a problem in Pakistan, unfortunately. It’s incredibly easy for German officers to determine if your TOEFL score is fake when you struggle to answer questions. It makes for a short interview. GERMAN authorities have begun to shutdown centers with known problems and rescind all TOEFLs from that center. This helps us deter fraud. If it affects a student who believes they are innocent, they should retake the TOEFL at a different testing center. We detected some agents in 2010 in Karachi, who were consultants & provided fake TOFEL & IELTS cards. Always know that your connection with any consultant will be deadly for your visa. & in this case the reappeal would not even work.

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