Major Reasons for Rejection of German Student Visa – Part 9

Prospective Student: If that is the case with students with 5.5 IELTS, what about the students who have excellent skills where they lag in the some ability of language which make them score low in IELTS. For example consider me, I have an undergraduate aggregate of 80% in English based skills courses, done three good technical projects in. which are now implemented in our own campus and my thirst for knowledge is everlasting and hence I decided to go for Master’s. Why should I deserve a Visa rejected for my low IELTS Score? Even my university gave me admission on English proficiency.  Please answer.

Officer: The challenge you will have is explaining your technical strengths to the officer in a short amount of time. Tie in your strengths to the questions that the officer answers. Some time we consider low score. But I told you things pile up. You have low grades, you come with low IELTS score, and you are inconsistent with your sayings & what you present as document & so on. We always give margins to candidate. But IELTS is something which you can improve, for example you can no more improve your BSc. Grades. So we always ask to come with IELTS of 6.0, I personally gave visa on 5.5 but the candidate have to prove himself with other abilities. But this is not true for embassy they don’t give it on less than 6.0.

Questions on Visa Quota:

Prospective Student: How can a student know that the University admissions are filled before he attends the visa interview? I’m raising this doubt as many of my friends were rejected saying that Visa quota is full?

Officer: I’m not sure I understand your question? You mean that specific Universities say “sorry, we can’t accept any more students?” Universities may issue some lists on how much students they can handle? Other than that, there are no “visa quotas” on our end. Neither I have any knowledge about loads university can bear.

Prospective Student: Hi sir! Is there any limit for Visa Quota for certain session like ‘x’ number of visas have to give for this Fall and only few number have to give for Spring is that.?

Officer: Nope, no quotas at all! We adjudicate each person individually. And you’ll be happy to know that somewhere around 300/500 Pakistani students study in the GERMAN each year! However it may vary depending on the foreign policy as there was some problems in 2012. But generally it’s ok.

Prospective Student: Hi Sir! You said that there is no quota for Visa and may I know the reason why many of the students gets rejected at the end of the Season.

Officer: Good students are smart and apply early. If a student cannot manage time how can manage the rest while in Germany. We don’t like unpunctual people.

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