How to find accommodation in Germany?

Accommodation is the most important thing for international students who want to go to Germany for studies. It is also the requirement of German Embassy. So, it is necessary for International students specifically for Pakistani students that they book accommodation before going for file submission or visa interview. But the question is where and how students can find accommodation in Germany. Today, we will guide you about the procedure of booking accommodation before arrival in Germany.

There are different ways through which students can find accommodation in Germany. I will tell you details of each method individually. Mostly the scholarship students don’t face much problem of accommodation because majority of students go Germany through Daad scholarships. And, Daad always arrange accommodation for international students before their arrival in students. Sometimes Daad provide temporary accommodation to scholarship students  and later on students find accommodation by their own or with the help of seiner students.

If you decided to study in Germany then try to find accommodation as early as possible. Finding a good and reasonable accommodation in Germany is a very difficult process and it take to much time. So, it you want to apply in summer semester then start finding accommodation in winter one semester before. Similarly if you want to apply in winter semester then start finding accommodation in summer. In Eastern Germany it is little bit easy to find an accommodation but in Western Germany situation is very difficult. So, if you apply in Western Germany then apply as early as possible.

After these suggestions now I will explain different ways of accommodation in Germany. There are total Five ways for finding an accommodation in Germany.

  1. Student Residencies or hostels
  2. Shared Accommodations
  3. Apartments
  4. Temporary Accommodations
  5. Hotels

1- Student Halls or hostels:

Student halls or normally they called student hostels are the most important place for international students. Student halls or hostels are the very cheap (cheap in sense of money) accommodation option for local as well as international students. There are many student halls and hostels in every state of the Germany. But because of most famous and low cost option, it is very difficult to find a room in student halls or hostels. That’s why it is important for you that you try to find room in student halls or hostels as early as possible. Many students of last semesters left there rooms or shift to other residency options, so in these cases you can get a room in student halls or hostels. The rent cost of the rooms in student halls and hostels is normally between 220 to 250 Euros, it depend on the facilities. In states of Germany these student halls and hostels are also called student residencies. Almost 40% students are currently living in these students halls and hostels.

You can find these student halls and hostels on these official websites.

Student Union:

Student union provide you all the information of the available room options in student halls and hostels near to your university. Complete method and information is available on their website. ⇒[Student Union]

Daad Student Residence Portal:

Another important place for accommodation finding is the Daad student residence portal. You can find reasonable accommodations in student halls and hostels here. Complete method and information is available on Daad’s website. ⇒[Daad Student Residence Portal] ⇒[Student Residence Portal-2]

2- Shared Accommodation:

Another important place for residence in Germany is the shared accommodation. Shared accommodation simply means several students live together and share their residence which can be an apartment, house or a flat. Shared accommodation is not like Pakistan where in one room two or three students can live together. In Germany international students are bond to live in single rooms. So, students in shared accommodation live in individual rooms but share kitchen and bath rooms. The rent cost of a single room in these shared accommodations is between 250 to 208 Euro per month.

You can find these shared accommodations on these websites. Normally individuals post adds on these websites about available accommodations for international students. So, you need to contact them through their numbers or through skype IDs. Normally all the student who post adds on these websites share their contact information specially skype. You can talk with them on video call and they will show you the room and tell you about other facilities. The most important thing here is that, don’t pay money in advance. Try to convince them that, they reserve your room and you will pay after your arrival in Germany. Most trusted and common websites for shared accommodations are these,

⇒[WGcast] ⇒[Studenten-WG] ⇒[WGfinden] ⇒[WG-gesucht] ⇒[wg-suche]

Shared rooms or shared flats called “Wohngemeinschaft or WG” in German language. So, you can search directly in search engines with this name for other options. You can also live as a ”Paying Guest” in local Germans houses. You can also find these paying guest rooms on above mentioned websites.

3- Apartments:

If you are a rich person and want to live alone then you can live in a single apartment or flat. The cost of a single apartment or flat is between 360 to 450 Euro per month.

You can find single apartments and flat on these websites.

⇒[immonet]  ⇒[immowelt]  ⇒[immobilienscout24]

4- Temporary Accommodations:

If you failed to find a good accommodation by your own then you can request to your university representatives. They can arrange a temporary accommodation for you. Normally German universities arrange permanent accommodations for their international students but not very commonly. So, you can request them for a temporary accommodation and after reaching here in Germany you can find an accommodation by your own.

Normally German universities arrange temporary accommodations for international students in ”Gymnasiums”. You can stay in Gymnasiums for one or two months and can find another accommodation easily.

Now days Airbnb is very popular to find temporary accommodation Germany. On this website, you can easily find a temporary room then move further to permanent place. [link Airbnb]

5- Hotels: 

Last but not least option for accommodation is the German hotels. You can book a temporary room in any German hotel before arrival in Germany and later on you can find accommodation for you. The most famous and cheap German hotel is AO Hotel and Hostel. You can find branch of this hotel in your city or state. ⇒[AO Hotel and Hostel]