Admission Requirements to Study in Germany for International Students

The students who have desire to study in Germany need to know about the minimum admission requirements to check their eligibility. Normally every German university, language institution and foundation course provider institution, have their own admission requirements and criteria. Similarly for country to country they have different criteria and requirement of documents.

So, it is very difficult and unfair to give a single list of required documents. Then you will definitely ask, how we can check the requirements?

To solve this problem Daad (German Akademic Exchange Service) make an simple and efficient web-portal for international students. Where you can easily check your eligibility and selected German universities requirements. This portal automatically tell you, whether you are allowed to study in Germany according to your educational background or not.

Before checking your eligibility on this portal you need to know an important thing. If your degrees and certificates recognized or approved on this qualification check web-portal. Then you can eligible and apply in all the courses (General Courses) and certain specific courses (Subject Specific Courses). If you already studying in a university in your home country and already complete two or three semesters. Then you can directly eligible to apply in German universities according to you subject specific qualification and country of origin.

If your qualification doesn’t qualify directly for the admission in Germany. Then you need to apply first in assessment test or preparatory course (foundation course). You can take admission or participate in preparatory course (foundation course) and finish this in Germany. After finishing this course you can become eligible to apply further in German university for admission. [Click her for more details about preparatory course (foundation course)]

German language is also necessary, if you want to study in preparatory course (foundation course), graduation and masters programs (with German medium of instructions). If you want to apply in Masters programs with English medium of instructions, then you need English language proficiency certificate IELTS 6.5 bands.

After these important instructions, now you can check you eligibility by clicking here on this link. [Database on admission requirements]