How to find accommodation in Germany?

Accommodation is the most important thing for international students who want to go to Germany for studies. It is also the requirement of German Embassy. So, it is necessary for International students specifically for Pakistani students that they book accommodation before going for file submission or visa interview. But the […]

40 Most Asked Questions During German Student Visa Interview

Change answers according to your case, questions will be remain same as it is. College/University Details: University Name I basically applied in (Your University Name) which is situated in (City Name) Germany. Campus Name My campus name is (Campus Name) Course Name Example: (Master of Business Administration) Course Duration Example: (18 months) Course Credit Points […]

German Embassy Student Visa Interview Questions

Majority of the students again and again ask this question about German embassy visa interview questions. Preparation for interview in Germany embassy for student visa is not so easy. In German embassy, visa officers ask too much difficult questions and argue with applicants to check weather applicants are a genuine […]