Cost of living in Germany for students

Cost of living in Germany for students

Cost of living in Germany is very low as compared to other European countries. On average a student need 720 euros per month (8,640 euros per year) for their living expenses. Which includes expenses of accommodation, health insurance, semesterticket food and other necessary things.

This figure is calculated by German authorities on an average base. Normally cost of living is not very high in Germany. That purely depends on way of living and in which city you are living. In general, south Germany is more expensive. Two largest cities of this part like Munich and Stuttgart are most expensive. East Germany have low cost of living. Cities of this part like Berlin, Dresden and Leipzig are not very expensive. Your cost of living will vary according to these cities.

According to a survey of German Study Guide in east of Germany. Majority of the students give opinion that on average 400-450 euros are enough for monthly expenses. If we calculate according to their opinion. Than real living expenses looks like this,

  • Rent = 250 euros (in shared accommodations or student hostels)
  • Health Insurance = 34 euros (private)
  • Food = 100 euros
  • Clothes = Not required each month
  • Transport = 182 euros (for 6 months included in semester ticket – 30 per month)
  • Internet, Mobile Recharge, TV fee = 20 euros (average)
  • Study Material = 10 euros
  • Total = 444 Euro 

We calculated these expenses, just to give you an overview. You don’t need to mention these during visa interview. Tell them original calculated amount of 720 euros according to blocked account.