Documents requirements and preparation

Documents requirements and preparation

Most of the students remain confused about document requirements and preparation. Preparation means proper attestation of certificates and degrees. Foreign universities usually accept those documents which are attested from higher authorities of education. Due to lack of knowledge, students don’t attest documents properly and send to desired universities. Non attested documents can be the reason of not getting admission in university.

There are two methods to prepare your documents. In first method, check requirements of German universities which you choose. Then attest documents and photocopies accordingly. In second method, generally attest all your degrees & certificates from concerning boards and universities. Also notarize all the required photocopies. Follow below steps to understand this in a simple way.

  1. Attest your matriculation and intermediate certificate from your boards (e.g federal board).
  2. Then attest your both matriculation and intermediate certificate from IBCC (Inter Board Committee of Chairmen, Islamabad).
  3. Attest your bachelor and master degrees/marksheets from HEC
  4. Foreign office attestation (optional)
  5. Notarize all your required photocopies (any notary stamp is OK)
  6. That’s it 😉 

For online applications, upload scanned copies of attested certificates and degrees.  Notary attestation is not required for online applications. To send required documents by post, notarize all the photocopies. One advice for pretty girls: don’t send original documents by post. Only copies are enough to get admission.

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