German Embassy Pakistan Return Original Documents or Not

Many students who want to apply in German Embassy for study visa ask this question. It’s a quite relevant question, because many embassies of different countries take your original documents and return after a longer period. Some embassies even damage your degrees and certificates with stapler pin and stamps. I remember one of my class mate in my graduation, apply study visa for Portugal Embassy Islamabad. They reply after 3-4 months and when they return his documents, some were clearly damaged with stapler pin and stamps. He was very angry on them and when he complain about this thing, then nobody give him any response.

So, in short some embassies do these type of things. Concerning about German Embassy Islamabad or German Consulate Karachi, they mostly never do these types of things. As I told you in my previous articles, when you prepare your visa file, then must make three set of all required documents. According to check list of German Embassy, you make one file with your original documents without visa form. Arrange all the documents in according to checklist of German Embassy or Consulate.

Then make second visa file with original filled visa form along with all your original documents photocopies, applicants declaration and security questionnaire. Attached only photocopies of your degrees, certificates, bank statements, blocked account and all other necessary documents in this visa file. You only need to attach visa form, applicants declaration and security questionnaire by filled and signed by your hand.

Then make third visa file with photocopies of all the documents of second file. In this file you can also attach photocopies of visa form, applicants declaration and security questionnaire. Must arrange all the documents in all three visa files, according to checklist of German Embassy Pakistan. Then on the day of file submission or interview submit only second and third visa file in German Embassy.

When visa officer will ask you about original documents then provide him/her required document from your first visa file. Visa officer will compare and check the originality of photocopies and original documents and return original documents back to you. Now I think you will understand, why I told you to make one visa file with your original documents. It will be very easy and organized for you to show your original documents when you already arrange them like a visa file. Because in Germany Embassy many students face an embarrassing situation. When visa officer ask for any original document and they spend too much time in finding of that document.

German Embassy not bring any original document except your Passport. They only take the photocopies of all your documents. So, you need to submit only the photocopies along with visa form, applicants declaration and security questionnaire. When visa officer ask for any original document, then you can provide that document. After checking, the visa officer will give that document back to you.

Many students do mistake and attach all the original documents in required two visa files. Then on the day of file submission, they face very embarrassing behavior from visa officer. Sometime visa officer gives you time to rearrange the file without original documents and sometime they told you to come next time with proper arranged visa file. So, to avoid this embarrassing situation better to arrange documents as I told you above. I also done the same mistake first time and then I learnt what I told you above.